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Found 5 results

  1. I have decided I want to also run a 200mm rotor on the rear of my Enduro bike, I'm currently using Sram Code RSC brakes. When looking at the price of rotors, Shimano and TRP are similar in price however Sram is about 50% more than the aforementioned brands, are the Sram rotors worth the extra cash? Do they perform better/last longer? Alternatively is there another brand I should look at?
  2. Hello all, Been curious for a while about these rotors, more specific the SM-RT99 model. Basically just want to know are these rotors better than the ones on my bike (SM-RT64 CL rotors)? I see both are center lock discs. I read that the Ice-Tech rotors handle heat better while braking, 20% better that, and that, but is it really that good or is it only marketing? Also, would it be a worthy upgrade over my current rotors? Thanks. ~ André
  3. So i have a question, that has created much distress at home for myself and the goverment. So daddy (thats me) has a new bike. And the kids want to follow suit, so i am deciding to get a bike with new brakes etc, which means rotors and the wife whole heartedly say NO ITS NOT SAFE. Stick to the old ones the V-thingys ones with blocks. and so world war 3 has started and guess who is in the lounge!! So my question is to riders with kids, what will you do. The kids in question are 11 and 7!!
  4. I got lucky with SLX brake set on special CWC.....upgrade bug has bitten. I don't have a problem with the install or anything just some advice on the rotors.. I currently have the BR-M355 brakes with the SM-RT30 rotors and just wanted to change the caliper and brakes and retain the same rotors. On downloading the Shimano manual for component compatibility I saw that the recommendation is to use the narrow type rotor instead of the wide type: http://productinfo.shimano.com/#/lc/2.0 So ...has anyone used SLX/XT brake calipers with the wide (lower end) rotors? Does the wide and narrow rotor make a difference? have been to 3 lbs and they don't have an answer - at least no-one tried to convince me to buy the narrow type rotors - as what the result of using the SLX brake with the wide rotor would be.
  5. Hi I bought myself new set of ZTR ARCH EX rims with Hope Pro 2 hubs and need to get Disc brake rotors. LBS suggested that I go from std 160 rotors to the bigger 180 rotors. I am 6.6 and weigh in at 113kg. I have my old set of wheels with std shimano 160 rotors which I am going to use as a road set with slicks. Going the 180 route I would have to space the brake set to accommodate the bigger rotors. Which in turn would null and void my road wheel set rotors. My question is is there really a big difference in breaking power between 160 and 180 rotors? And looking at the Hope Saw Floating Disc (http://www.hopetech.com/product/disc-rotors/) is there a BIG benefit above the normal std shimano single metal rotors? thanks Righardt
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