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  1. Search for a group on Facebook called Slow Coach, they organise rides at various locations around Cape Town (although the majority are in Durbanville) and have a beginners group!
  2. As the title states, I have searched other forums but can't seem to find a solution. Before chucking out my Spez Phenom saddle, has anyone found a reliable method to reinsert a rail back into a saddle that has popped out?
  3. I was at Blacksheep bikes a month ago and IIRC they had stock!
  4. Is there a link to the event page/organisers to stay up to date as more information is released?
  5. I consider the Tokai trails to be so safe that I ride there regularly during the week on my own! All the safety concerns arise on the tarred roads eg Steenberg/Retreat etc!
  6. Thank you for all the advice, after thinking it over I concur that an impact big enough to rip out a pedal unfortunately justifies new crank arms. It's mildly annoying that 90% of new cranks come with a mandatory chain-ring hence increasing the cost! Anyway I opted to go for the Rapide StrongArm SL Crank arms which come without a chain-ring which kept the cost down as I'm not bothered by the difference of just over 200g weight difference between the Sram XX1 and Rapide Alloy cranks.
  7. I took a big rock strike today, which unfortunately stripped one of my Sram XX1 cranks to such a degree that the pedal subsequently fell out after a bit of riding. Unfortunately a new Sram XX1 crankset is out of the question, even the Gx crankset at R3k is eye watering! I see Rapide sell a set of cranks without the chain-ring for a much more palatable R1k, is this a good option!? I'm not particularly concerned about the crank weight as I mainly ride Trail/Enduro trails! Are there any other brands that I should be looking at? Alternatively if its feasible, where would one go to have the stripped thread removed from the crank and a new thread installed?
  8. I'm looking for feedback on peoples experiences with the various brands of MTB tyre inserts such as Csixx Foamo, Vittoria Airliner, CushCore etc! I'm looking for feedback mainly on the added rim protection especially the cost vs benefit as some inserts cost more than a tyre, as well as how it adjusted the feel of the ride! I'm planning on using the inserts for Enduro riding!
  9. I have a 60mm stem installed
  10. I currently have an alloy 780mm bar with a 12mm rise, I find my head is always orientated down and I predominantly ride steep and technical enduro trails (Tokai and Jonkershoek) where I find I'm leaning forward a little bit too much. I'm looking for advice as to whether to go for a handlebar with 27mm or a 38mm rise and the pros and cons of each?
  11. It includes 2x screws and lock jaw clamps per grip for an ultra secure fit!
  12. Apologies to necropost but with stock being low and struggling to find components I thought it worthwhile an update, the Bike Park in CPT have stock of the Rogue ODI's, I just bought a pair and can vouch for them after riding with them in Tokai, they're nice and chunky and "soft"!
  13. Thanks for the feedback so far! Would definitely appreciate any further feedback/experiences!
  14. Seeing as there are no Maxxis DHR II or Agressor tyres in 29er 2.3" in the country I'm looking for feedback on the following two tyres as a rear tyre on an enduro/trail bike! I'm also open to other recommendations! Most of my riding is done on dry hard pack, rock gardens, loose rocks and roots. Predominantly in Tokai as well as Hoogekraal, Contermanskloof, Jonkershoek etc. Grip is important but I still want the tyre to roll fast! I'm currently running a DHF upfront! I was looking at the Specialized Eliminator 29x2.3" with a grid trail casing and T7 rubber compound as well as the Schwalbe Hanz Dampf 29x2.35" in a super trail/super gravity casing and the addix soft rubber compound! Would love to hear your experiences and feedback with these tyres?
  15. I'm looking at purchasing a Santa Cruz Hightower carbon mountain bike for Enduro second hand. Santa Cruz's policy is that the warranty on the frame and bearings is only available to the first owner, is the saving worth purchasing a second hand carbon MTB for Enduro riding? Does anyone have any experience with having to replace a Santa Cruz frame for which they weren't the owner?
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