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  1. I've been running Ryder clip in pedals for about 18 months and they've been great. I started getting a painful footsole about a month ago on the right foot, and lo and behold the left pedal cleat clip in broke yesterday (see pic). So I'm looking at a new set of Shimano SPDs, will the caged pedal (pics attached) provide better foot support to prevent the pain underfoot or are the actual shoes packing up (Ryders also 18 months old)? @ChrisF @RobertWhitehead you blokes seem very knowledgeable 👍🏼👍🏼
  2. I have an Avalanche Pro Reflex 29er (entry level but I'm loving her!) MTB; after maybe 250km of riding the gear changes start to need to be 'feathered' to ensure no slipping of gears. Will a newer, upgraded cable prevent this? https://www.avalanchebikes.co.za/products/avalanche-reflex-29-pro-black-red?colours=black%20%2F%20red&sizes=s Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi all I want to upgrade my bike from mech to hydraulic brakes. My budget is limited to about R1500. Which brakes should I buy? I’m not too concerned about ease of installation. I just want reliability and serviceability to be hassle free. I’ve looked at brakes such as Tektro and Shimano mt200, but I don’t know where to buy them. Thank you
  4. Zwift, the global online fitness platform for cyclists, is today able to confirm Wahoo, Shimano and NTT as the Official Partners of the 2022 UCI Cycling Esports World Championships, which will be held on Zwift on February 26th 2022. Wahoo is named Official Trainer Partner of the event, providing their latest Wahoo KICKR V5 Smart […] View full article
  5. Since it's almost Friday I'll just leave these articles/videos here. Article mixing various Shimano/SRAM components: https://www.bebikes.com/the-hub/1mmtdv5ypu0vc1p4kze6r05wtxvufp This guy literally just swapped out his SRAM RD for a Shimano one - using a SRAM shifter.
  6. Hi All, I am trying to source a new groupset (SRAM or Shimano (disc)) for a road bike. Due to supply issues, there is absolutely no stock in SA. Has anyone recently purchased a groupset and if so, where did you find stock (and how did you bring it to SA).
  7. I have decided I want to also run a 200mm rotor on the rear of my Enduro bike, I'm currently using Sram Code RSC brakes. When looking at the price of rotors, Shimano and TRP are similar in price however Sram is about 50% more than the aforementioned brands, are the Sram rotors worth the extra cash? Do they perform better/last longer? Alternatively is there another brand I should look at?
  8. I would like to convert my Giant Talon 3 2019 to a 1x System. It currently has a 3x8 with the following specs: https://99spokes.com/en/bikes/giant/2019/talon-3 I have sourced the following parts locally and want to know if these would all fit on my Talon. I know the Talon doesnt come with a microspline hub hence the choice of a 11 speed cassette. However I would like to use all the other 12 parts where possible. Any assistance with the upgrade would be appreciated. SHIMANO DEORE M6100 SGS 12 SPD REAR DERAILER SHIMANO DEORE M5100 CASSETTE 11-51T 11SPD or SUNRACE MZ903 12-Speed Cassette 11-51T SHIMANO HG701 11 SPD CHAIN SHIMANO Deore M6100 Right Shift Lever 12-Speed CSIXX Shimano XT TT Chainring - 96 BCD https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/shimano-deore-m6100-sgs-12-spd-rear-derailer https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/shimano-deore-m5100-cassette-11-51t-11spd https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/shimano-hg701-11-spd-chain https://bike-addict.co.za/products/shimano-deore-m6100-right-shift-lever-12-speed?variant=32537046417492 https://bike-addict.co.za/collections/drivetrain-components-1/products/sunrace-mz903-12-speed-cassette-11-51t https://bike-addict.co.za/products/csixx-shimano-xt-tt-chainring-96-bcd?variant=2352967417865
  9. Hey everyone im busy building up a pyga slakline and for the time being I am going to be using 2 pot brakes but I want to upgrade my budget is under 5k any ideas?
  10. Hi Guys Before posting a for sale ad, keen on some technical info - if there is indeed ANY market for a nice set of Shimano XT STI Dual Control combo - (brake and gear lever combo), off of an older SPEZ S-Works Epic? they would work with cantilever brakes, and both my Spez frames have got the brazed on 'BOSS' for cantilever brakes, but I am now running hydraulic disks set up.... Anyone advise me? Are there guys who rebuild/restore period-correct, pre-Disk MTB's? Cheers Chris
  11. Shimano introduces a new drivetrain technology today, Linkglide. It’s designed not to be the lightest weight but to prioritise durability and shift performance. It also represents something of a fork in the road for the brand’s drivetrains. There will still be Hyperglide+, and this will remain the lightweight fast shifting performance range, while Linkglide will sit alongside their current offerings, as opposed to replacing them. Shimano claims that their testing shows that Linkglide cassettes are 300% more durable than prior Hyperglide cassettes, and three times less degradation to the cassette should mean fewer chain skips, more mileage, and better shifting long into the cassette’s lifespan. Linkglide will be available in either 10 speed Deore (RD-M5130-SGS) or 11 speed Deore XT (RD-M8130-SGS).Before we all celebrate too quickly, there is one small catch - the Linkglide technology, while introduced in Deore 1x10 or XT 1x11 speed as a highly durable option, is not cross compatible or retrofittable with current drivetrains due to different gear pitches. All Linkglide components will feature a logo to differentiate them from their stablemates. A CS-LG600-11 11-50T XT cassette, pictured, weighs 780g. The CS-LG600-10 11-43T Deore cassette is slightly lighter at 634g.The teeth of Linkglide cassettes are made from plated steel with a new shape to reduce wear and tear. The teeth feature a thicker and more robust construction to prevent wear in the areas that experience the most degradation over time. Linkglide cassette teeth are also taller and stronger towards the tips to prevent chain skipping and tooth deformation, even as the miles add up. Sprockets 11T, 13T, 15T of the cassettes are replaceable. The Linkglide cassettes also feature a new shifting gate design and position, enabling the chain to move smoothly across the sprockets. These gates aim to reduce pedal shock or jumps during shifting, providing better pedaling fluidity and smoother pedaling performance. The SL-M8130-R XT shifter; the SL-M5130-R Deore shifter is available with an optional shift window.Two new shifters, again Deore and XT, are available. The XT has multiple clamping options whereas the Deore makes do with a simple band. The shifters use a different pull ratio to the rest of Shimano's range so are not compatible with non-Linkglide systems. They are, however, somewhat interchangeable with each other thanks to a linear pull ratio. That means an 11 speed shifter will work on a 10 speed derailleur. Linkglide cassettes are compatible with standard HG freehubs. To accompany the new Linkglide cassettes, there are also new Deore XT and Deore derailleurs and shifters. The derailleurs feature Shimano’s Shadow RD+ low profile design and clutch mechanism. All Linkglide drivetrains use a common chain design, regardless of the number of cogs on the cassette. Existing 11-speed Shimano chains are compatible with Linkglide drivetrains. It’s perhaps also worth noting that all Shimano 11-speed chains are currently e-bike rated or e-bike designed.
  12. I have a choice of the following wheelsets Mavic aksium elite evo ust Shimano rs500-tl Fulcrum Racing 600What wheelset will you pick, or any other wheelset in the same price. https://bike.shimano.com/en-EU/product/component/ultegra-r8000/WH-RS500-TL-R.html https://www.fulcrumwheels.com/en/wheels/road-bike-wheels/racing-6 https://shop.mavic.com/en-be/aksium-elite-ust-rr1147.html
  13. Hi there. I need some advice please. I have Shimano XTR brakes which I have bled (flushed front and rear and added new mineral oil) but it still feels spongy. I have new pads at the rear and measured both the rotors at 1.65mm. Left the bike upright for about a day with the screws open on the levers to let any air bubbles out. Topped up with fluid. Also tried inserting the fluid from the bottom and the top, but neither seems to work. Not sure what to do anymore. Can anyone perhaps assist please? TIA
  14. First off I must stress that I am by no means a qualified bicycle mechanic, I do have little very little experience with them. Secondly I cannot take full credit for this fix, the idea was given to me by a very very generous hubber who’d had offered to fix for me for free. KUDOS @BikeWhisperer and a close friend @gyro for the time Ok, then this is not an avid or shimano appreciation thread, nor an avid vs shimano thread. SYMTOMPS: Pull lever, and it does not return at all or very slow and spongy. If bike in open sun, levers lock up. POSSIBLE CAUSES: Dirt and grime build up in the lever cylinder, as well as on the piston. See below With the dirt and grime build up, when in heat the swelling cause the lockup and no return of lever. TOOLS NEEDED: 2mm Allen Key Star Screwdriver Isopropyl Alcohol Toilet roll/Roller towel Thin Nose Pliers 1 x 3000 grit Sand Paper 1 x 2000 grit Sand Paper 1 x 1000 grit Sand Paper This is from the shimano site, I will make reference to the number here in my photos as well For starters is always good to remove the lever completely off the brake line. Below is an image of a lever I had repaired and one that was going to get repaired, taken as is off the brake system Remove 8 in diagram above like below, there a tricky little rubber cover than can be removed with a thin small screwdriver or pin Push out 5 using the 2 allen key, this will separate the lever trigger from the rest of the lever Use the thin nose pliers to twist and remove the roller connector/part of the lever Using the star screwdriver, remove 6 Turn the lever upside down ie. reservoir facing down and use the screw driver to pop out the plastic roller fitting ..and finally we get to the problem child, this is just to show you how the piston is actually stuck in the cylinder Easiest way to remove the piston and spring is using the 2mm allen key This is your best friend keep on using it throughout the process, clean up all you bits you can, all the none plastic and rubber bits I let sit in the isopropyl alcohol for a few mins …so time for the fix the red blocks is whats needed to be sanded down using the 1000 then to 2000 then smoothen with the 3000, very very lightly and depending on your piston condition very very little too. PS: it may or may not be easier to remove the rubber seals, just be very careful when sanding around them what I do to test I push the spring in with the piston, and see if there’s a “spring” back in the piston by pushing in and out the cylinder And the final product! DISCLAIMER: I am not in any way affiliated to Shimano. I will not take any responsibility for any damage done to your lever or other parts when attempting this fix. I am not 100% sure of the repercussion sanding down the old dirt or grime build up, and will not be held responsible if it does fail. Our scholars tell us, that we have to go out to seek knowledge and whatever knowledge is learnt must be shared so it be beneficial for myself but humanity at large…
  15. Help Needed!!! I am relatively new to mtb and ride and enduro 27.5 650b. I am running a shimano xt 2x10 group set with a Thirteen hub. I want to upgrade to better suite my riding. I have a budget of +-10000 rand but I am not sure what drivetrain/grouplet to go for and am looking for recommendations. I really enjoy the DH stuff but do like the distance so looking for something that does both well. Help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Hi all, I am at a crossroads here. I broke my one Shimano XT 2x shifter, so the one thought train is to instead of replace with another 2x10 shifter set, to make the jump and upgrade to 12sp. The catch comes in that I have a power tap rear disc hub (G2), a non-boost (QR) frame and I am trying to find a way to minimize the changes required.. The current options are as follows: Sunrace 11-50T cassette (MZ90), which is suited specifically to SRAM drivetrains., and then go SRAM GX? Sunrace 11-51T cassette (MZ903), suited to Shimano drivetrains. I cannot find stock of this in SA. The thought would then be a Shimano SLX drivetrain? I believe the difference is in the spacing they implement on the two cassettes. The 11T at the bottom negates having to change the hub, and will fit a standard Shimano HG freehub or equivalent (Non micro spline hubs). Crank is not an issue, as that can be easily converted. Does anyone have any other suggestions that work or are known to work in this scenario? All suggestions are welcome. For those that have tested SLX and GX, what would be the verdict, considering pricing and spares? Regards.
  17. Press Release The launch of SHIMANO’s new e-bike system, known as SHIMANO EP8, brings the two pillars of e-biking - the hardware and the software – up to a new benchmark in system-engineered e-bike components that can tackle everything from premium mountain biking and competition racing to trail riding, cross-country, casual MTB, trekking and off-road adventuring. Click here to view the article
  18. Press release: Fourth-tier Shimano MTB groupset brings proven 12-speed drivetrain and braking technology to the masses, with new 11 and 10-speed versions too. Click here to view the article
  19. Hi Hubbers!! Our 2019 Black Friday Sale kicked off today and will run until 29 November. New products are loaded daily so don't miss out! The link to the Black Friday page is here: https://www.evobikes.co.za/black-friday-sale.html
  20. Hi all, In my attempts to bleed the rear brake, I managed to strip/round the 2mm (hex) head of the bleed screw (Y0C698030) on my shimano ultegra shifter. It turns out (reading online reports) this screw is made of a rather soft metal compound and is quite easy to damage. Now the mission is to locate a replacement in south africa; spoke to a coolheat agent - not only do they not have stock but they've never ordered this part before. 6 months lead time LOL! 2 questions: where else can I can get this elusive part in SA? The shimano manual recommends 0.5Nm - 0.7Nm to tighten this screw. My torque wrench starts at 2Nm. Where can I purchase such a TW in SA? I saw a Gedore brand item on a UK site...Thanks for any tips. Geoff.
  21. Hello hubbers, My bike, Scott Genius 750 (2018), has the ability to switch between 27"+ and 29", and now I'm interested to do exactly that. The reason is mainly because my bike has quite a low BB, and I believe 29er will be able to just add a few needed centimeters. I just want to know if it's possible to trade my current 27"+ wheelsets for 29ers? I have the following: Rims: Syncros X-30s, 32 hole, 30mm Hubs: Front - Shimano HB-M6010-B CL, 15x110mm Rear - Shimano FH-M6010 CL, 12x148mm Tires: Maxxis Recon 2.8" I also have a Shimano CS-HG50-10 speed cassette, which I believe is not compatible with Sram XD hubs, but in the future I'd probably want to upgrade to Sram SX/NX and I don't know if XD hubs and Shimano cassetes are compatible for the time being? What can I expect to get for my wheelset aswell? Thanks in advance!
  22. Hi Hubbers, I hope someone can help me here. My sons bike is giving me some headaches with the gears and the dealer where i bought it cant seem to help me. So the chain broke so I took it in to get a new one but every time you change gears from the small chain ring to the middle chain ring it is as if it doesn't release the chain ( See Pic) so I think that it has been doing this for some time and this caused the chain to snap. Also the bike did not do 300km since I bought it new.
  23. Hi Hubbers! Our LE TOUR SALE is now in full swing! New products are added daily. Head over to https://www.evobikes.co.za/le-tour.html to see what is on sale!
  24. Hi, sorry if this has been asked before...I did search and could not find any posts on this on the site. So if its discussed elsewhere, please direct me there... Anyway, on to the question: I have been sitting on the fence for long enough to have look at whether this 1x12 thing SRAM started was gonna turn out to be a fad, but then Shimano joined the fray and I think I may be getting to the point where I am convinced there are merits for me to move from 2x11 to 1x12. What would I need to be able to go from 2x11 XT to 1x12 (either SRAM or Shimano)? I have heard that I would need to change to a XD driver body for SRAM (not that I actually really know what that means???) and I assume I would need to do somethin gsimilar for Shimano 1x12. Does changing a driver body mean also a new hub (i.e. a complete wheel rebuild)? I also know that there are aftermarket etsups or conversion kits, but I only want advice on what I need to do to go from Shimano to SHimao or Shimano to SRAM fully OEM and without "'n Boere plan". Thanks in advance...
  25. Does anyone know where i can find some of these locally for 24mm cranks? I see Token also makes some red Alu ones I installed a Praxis PF30 converter BB for Shimano cranks into a new frame and obviously PF30's don't take spacers like a threaded ones do . I just need to move the drive side out by about 2mm to centre the cranks in the frame. It is pushing my pseudo-OCD next level. Please see the pics attached. Anyone that can point me into the right direction? or where i can have some made even? EDIT:Regarding chainline...i'm good still at 50mm so 2mm extra wont hurt in the boost frame. 2mm will put me smack bang in the middle of a 10 speed cassette in the rear. thanks in advance. Morné
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