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Found 10 results

  1. I have decided I want to also run a 200mm rotor on the rear of my Enduro bike, I'm currently using Sram Code RSC brakes. When looking at the price of rotors, Shimano and TRP are similar in price however Sram is about 50% more than the aforementioned brands, are the Sram rotors worth the extra cash? Do they perform better/last longer? Alternatively is there another brand I should look at?
  2. Good day Fellow Bike Lovers I am currently riding with an 11 speed Ultegra 50/34 Compact crank. I am possibly considering switching over to oval chainrings but I need a bit of advice before I do so. When switching over to oval chainrings, do I keep the 50/34 ratio or do I change to 52/36? Who had experience with Rotor oval chainrings and with Absolute Black oval chainrings - How do they compare to each other? Any pointers or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Press Release The world's first groupset 13s hydraulic groupset for a simplified and performance optimised shifting experience.The modular platform concept crosses 4 cycling disciplines ( MTB, Road, Gravel & Cyclocross ) with a flexible choice of drivetrain components to match your preferred bike set-up. Why 2x11s equals a 14s Effective Gear Range? The 1x drivetrain is currently viewed as an MTB only system because of the perceived gear range or the scale of power cadence available to the cyclist between gear shifts.Although the traditional 2x11 groupset has 22 theoretical gears, the Effective Gear Range is 14s due to overlap of chainring and sprocket combinations. Why 1x13? Focused on simplifying the cyclist’s shifting experience ROTOR believes Road, Gravel & Cyclocross riders will follow MTB in the successful adoption of single ring (1x) drivetrain.Combined with a wide choice of 1x chainring sizes (38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54) our 13s cassettes can match and improve gear range and gear steps of the traditional 2x11 drivetrains. The science behind the gear ratios The foundation of our faith in the one-by groupset configuration is firmly based in the unique aero design of the world's first 13s cassette.We have put the cyclist at the centre of our re-designed 1x13 transmission by analysing real user-data thanks to our sophisticated INpower power measurement technology. Our engineers process the primary data in the fine-tuning of our drivetrain design to deliver the optimum cadence range and the best possible cycling experience. What are the unique benefits? 1. Simplified shifting Leave behind the anticipation for the challenging front derailleur shift in the crucial race moment to avoid chain loss or chain suck.2. Alternative Exclusive 1x13 platform is a real alternative in range and gear steps to the traditional 2x11 drivetrains. 3. Flexibility Bigger gear range and more gear choices compared to existing MTB 1x12 systems. 4. Modular platform Unique 1x13 modular platform concept fits different cycling needs with the choice of shifters, cassettes, optimised direct mount chainrings and cranks. 5. Lightweight Simplified 1x chainring without front derailleur means reduced weight and mechanical complexity with improved aerodynamics. 6. Hydraulic actuation benefits ● Maintenance free: Install, Bleed, Forget. No cables to replace, no batteries to charge. ● Internal routing ready. ● Lighter than battery powered and mechanical systems. ● Hydraulic technology with proven reliability. With 1x13 you can bypass the traditional challenging 2x front derailleur shift so you can focus on fluid rear shifting with reduced chance of chain loss or chain suck. What about 1x13 on the Road / Gravel / Cyclocross? ROTOR 1x13 platform brings a real alternative to the classic 2x11 drive trains; let’s compare a classic 2x11 (53/39 & 11-28) drivetrain with ROTOR 1x13 (50 & 10-39). The 1x13 platform includes a range of 4 new cassette options for Road, Gravel, Cyclocross and MTB including sizes: 1 0-36, 10-39, 10-46 & 10-52 . Our 13s Cassette family has been developed to deliver the optimal shifting performance for the 1x system to select the most advantageous gear ratio combination that best suits your cycling practice. By analysing real user-data via our sophisticated INpower technology, ROTOR engineers have developed a unique design that provides a real alternative in range and gear steps to the traditional 2x11 drivetrains. The number of teeth and the steps between gear sprockets are conceived so you can maintain your optimal cadence range for the best possible cycling experience. The cassette structure combines 2 solid pieces, 1 of Aluminium and 1 of strengthened Steel to create an incredibly lightweight yet durable Cassette solution to complement our 1x13 drivetrain platform. The rear derailleur also features a regulation bolt that allows you to convert it to 12-speed, so it will also work with cassettes from other manufacturers.
  4. Where will it stop?! https://www.bikeradar.com/gear/article/rotor-1x13-groupset-details-specs-52573/
  5. Hi All I have seen allot more triathletes of late using the Aero (square) rotor chain rings. Can someone please provide a brief break down of the benefits? Thanks
  6. I have a direct mount front derailleur on my TT bike and at the moment I have a non-round ring running 52 teeth. This BARELY fits at the point of maximum adjusted diameter... (relatively 54/55 teeth). Problem: I want a bigger front chainring... and it will be non-round. It's a personal preference based on my knees, hips, crank lengths, experience, marketing hype and placebo effect... So no opinions on this - thanks. None of the non-rounds fit - and I believe I need an adjuster like the images. This spacer moves the FD backwards, and thus I can get a bigger blade on. I can find some online in the UK but for GBP30... plus shipping, postal inefficiencies etc... I have contacted Rotor directly for the part - no reply yet, but I fear this part may be near R1,000. Any alternative or 'Ghetto' solutions?
  7. The special edition Q-Rings will still be produced using ROTOR's flagship Q-Rings design and technology. Q-Rings orient the chainring around rider’s unique pedalling characteristics relative to both the ring's ovalisation and form factors in order to improve performance. The ROTOR Q-Rings for Qhubeka will feature the unmistakable Yellow "Hand Up" Qhubeka logo on the face of the rings. The heart of our team is based around racing to mobilise people in Africa through Qhubeka; to have our partners invest in the heart and soul of our team is extremely important to us. The ROTOR Q-Rings for Qhubeka are a product of a perfect partnership.
  8. Team MTN-Qhubeka p/b Samsung will be using the ROTOR Q-Rings this season on all models of its Cervélo bikes. We are quite excited at this partnership and are pleased to report that ROTOR's passion and support for the Qhubeka initiative has led them to produce special edition ROTOR Q-Rings for Qhubeka. Click here to view the article
  9. Hi there, does anybody have experience with the SiCCC brake rotors from Kettle Cycles? Quite pricey rotors and expensive pads, but extremely light and full brake surface not that skimpy cut away metal rotors that start glowing red at a half decent descent.... Here the link. http://www.buykettlecycles.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=1820
  10. Hi all I have a 5 spoke 110/74BCD Rotor 3D crank for which I need round rings to replace my Qrings. Other than importing Rotor branded rings for a bizillion rand, are there aftermarket options for 110/74 5 spoke rings? I need 25or26T and 40or41T Advice would be appreciated! d
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