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  1. Wondering if anyone who's ridden this yet has some photos of the various sections? Considering on slapping some gravel tires on my road bike - just nervous of cracking my frame if there are any crazy technical/rocky sections? I've done plenty riding with it on the dirt roads out in Pretoria East with no problems. Just wondering how this would compare or if I should rather use the MTB for this one? Thanks!
  2. Most importantly, you'll need to try and bundle up those nerves and excitement to prevent yourself from going out too hard during your training rides leading up to the race. My suggestion would be to try and get in as many rides as possible during the week, but instead of making them short, high intensive interval sessions, rather focus on keeping in an aerobic zone and go for distance. You can do this for up to 4 or 5 rides a week, and throwing in 1 or 2 short, high intensity rides (like hill repeats for example) on those days you can't make a longer ride. Each week, try add on 10% to your total ride time, but just make sure to taper off the week of your race, doing only 2 - 3 short rides with some high cadence sprints to keep the legs ticking over leading into your stage race... Hope this helps, and good luck for the race! Feel free to drop me a mail (info@pureathleteperformance.com) or DM if you'd like any further help or advice!
  3. Hi Christiaan, If you're still looking for a coach, please have a look at my website: www.PureAthletePerformance.com. I run an online coaching program from Pretoria that differs quiet immensely from many of the other programs out there by also providing cyclists with a structured strength program, nutrition guidance and sport psychology in addition to a heart-rate based cycling program, and I'd be more then happy to help you with your development as a junior XC racer if interested. Feel free to contact me on 082 302 9268 or info@pureathleteperformance.com if you have any questions that you'd like to ask or bounce off of me beforehand.
  4. Hi Gerrett, The benefits of indoor training can largely outweigh that of an outdoor session as it allows you to be more specific to heart rate and power whilst also providing constant resistance, avoiding the freewheeling that we do quiet often during our road or mtb sessions. This specificity allows you to obtain the benefits of your training goals in a shorter more focused session on the trainer then what you would ever be able to achieve outdoors on the constantly changing terrain. If you're interested, direct message me and I could explain to you in a little further detail about the online training program's that I offer that cover exactly what you're looking for.
  5. I am looking for a CSA Qualified (Level 1 - 3) Cycle Coach to join my business as a freelance Cycle Coach. Currently I am the Owner/ Head Trainer of Pure Athlete Performance. A company focused on Sport Specific Strength & Conditioning Training. My experience and focus lies on extreme sport athletes (Motocross, FMX, Enduro etc.), with an employee focused on Triathlete specific training. With the expansion and demand it has lead us to have a qualified cycle coach take care of the department. Ideally we are looking for a coach that has a small client base and following within the cycling community. The employment will be commission based where you will be provided with clients, personal marketing, as well as access to our online software. If you are interested in the position, please send your resume to Brandon at: info@pureathleteperformance.com
  6. Entered, but now can't seem to find any accommodation!? Anyone have suggestions or know of an extra room available in the area?
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