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wheel issue - advice pls!!

Audible Anarchy

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on monday morning i had a bit of an altercation with a blind taxi driver and was forced to try bunnyhop a rather large concrete block on my road bike in order to avoid being run over... long story short, i clipped the back wheel and dented it . :angry:


im riding jock this weekend and only have the one set of wheels. Mavic ksyriums (the older 2007 model with the 24 spoke rear) - i took the wheel to shop A who immediately looked at it and told me it was toast and i would need to buy a new one (unfortunately not an option) so i figured let me try organise a new rim and do a rebuild b4 the weekend


after running round like a madman and phoning half of jhb's bike shops, it turns out it will take 3-4 weeks for a new rim to arrive - BUT only available in 20 spoke. aaargh!!!


once i got the bad news, i went to see shop B where i met a really nice bike mechanic who told me shop A was on crack and he would be able to "panelbeat" it back into shape for me - so 2 hours later @ the cost of an eagerly handed out tip for said mechanic i now have the rim bent back into shape and rolling true.


however - we couldnt get the braking strip 100% and it now has a nice dip in it... When i took it out for about 50 kms this morn it felt ok. wheel rolls good as ever, but when i brake i get this stuttering coming through the frame. not bad braking from higher speeds, but much worse from say 20km/h down.



so... wise gurus of the hub... do you think its a good idea for me to tackle the race with these wheels? is it going to destroy my brake pads? damage my frame(carbon)?


ive been braving the early morning cold around 12 hours a week all winter and will be suitably peeved if i cant make the ride...

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It sounds like you're already resigned to the fact that the wheel is toast --> it is just a matter of cashflow/time, before you replace it?


Then I'd say max your credit card and replace it now - you only live once :blush:


If the idea is to rebuild with new rim, once it arrives, then go for it on the current butchered wheel, but not FTW - take it easy on downhill and just enjoy the experience...

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What will a new rim cost?


Post some photos of the damaged area.


If i were in your position i would look at buying a set of Mavic Aksium Race wheels and use them for trainingThey are cheap and pretty tough.

Then save up and buy some light race wheels.


There a a few set in the classifieds ;)

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Give you Johan Borman a pm if anybody can give you advice on this its him, he is the master of wheelbuilding.

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thanks to all for the advice - i was looking at the aksiums actually - but unfortunately - the credit card, shes broken- what with all the costs of accom in mpumalanga, gas, food, tolls , beers :D etc...


this morning i was contacted by a local mechanic at one of the bike shops in the area who has a set of alex wheels that came off a new scott roadbike - he has every kindly donated said wheels to me at the cost of a case of well deserved beers and a new cassette.


hooray! :clap:


i know these alex rims / scott hubs arent gonna be as good as my ksyriums - but hey, im riding! il give them a bash tomorrow and make a descision as to which set i will use for the race. i weigh 70kgs so im hoping all ive read about these entry level rims breaking spokes all the time wont be an issue.


Good luck to all those going out for the race! ride it like you stole it!!!

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