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Reading a training schedule

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This is going to be a pretty dumb question but can someone explain to me what the below means wrt indoor trainer workouts. I have attached an example workout from the Tacx website. With regards to the gearing can someone please explain the below




Is this small gear on the front and rear?




Sm i gather refers to small in the front but 21 refers to the number of teeth on the rear cog (from what i understand). Do i have to count the number of teeth on each cog or am I missing something basic here


I assume slope refers to the magnet level on the trainer and RPM is cadence?


Does anyone have any heart rate based cycle workouts? I thought tacx would have but i guess not.


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Sm*21 = Small chain ring on the front and 21 tooth “sprocket” at the back.


The number of teeth might be stamped on the side of each “sprocket” but most times it is quicker to count them than to try and find the stamped numbers.


I’m not familiar with TACX, but yep I would guess that the slope is meant to be the adjustable resistance level of the trainer.


Google for HR cycle workouts, there are plenty out there.

Cycle lab used to have a pretty decent HR training calculator on their website

2PEAK have a really simple calculator for HR zones


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I wouldn't bother counting the sprockets. They don't say how many teeth there are on big and small, so it's just a relative guide.


I'd just go by (for a 10sp road bike):

Small = smallest chainring at front, biggest sprocket at back.

Sm x 12 = smallest at the front, smallest at the back.

Sm x 15 = smallest at the front, just below middle in the back.

Sm x 17 = smallest at the front, just above middle in the back (one gear above Sm x 15).

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