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Thanks for the unexpected good service


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We all moan and groan about bike shops - some more than others.


I acquired a set of almost new SLX brakes and some nice wheels this weekend from some fellow hubbers and was super-excited to get them onto the bike. All I needed from the LBS were a post-to-post 180mm adapter, IS-to-post 160mm adapter, 4 caliper mounting bolts and 6 rotor mount screws.


I called the two shops I thought were sure to able to help me - no luck! At one shop, the guy on the phone didn't know what a disc caliper adapter was....the other shop didn't know if he had stock and said he'd call me back - I'm still waiting.


So I did what I really didn't want to do - and popped into Cajees Fourways.


I walked over to the back wall, looked around a bit and found the adapters that I needed. I grabbed the nearest staff member and told him what bolts I needed and he dug around a bit and found what I needed.


Adapters front and rear - R240

Mounting bolts for calipers and disc - R20

Being able to mount my new brakes and wheels - Priceless


Thanks Cajees for the unexpectedly good service.

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More specifically, he spent a good 20 minutes scratching around for bolts that I needed....and didn't charge me the earth for them either.

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Good Service????? He sold you something that he had in stock, a normal sale, in the normal course of business.


More than you'll get from most bike shops around when looking for anything other than tubes and other run of the mill stuff ....

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IS-to-post 160mm adapter


Did you mean post-to-IS? i.e. post mount caliper to IS mount frame?


Reason for question - been looking for adaptor to go IS (caliper) to post mount (fork) without needing to upsize rotor to 180mm, but doesn't seem to exist.


1.Tell me I'm wrong and I'll be happy (please send me detail of adaptor).

2.Tell me I'm wrong and you got the elusive part from Cajees and I'll be amazed (but still happy).

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I got the post mount caliper to post fork 180mm adapter....


You looking for this? http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?ModelID=13743


No, I'm going the other way (older XTR IS mount caliper) to newer SID fork with post mount.




Was just wondering if it could be done while keeping the 160mm size disk. Looks like 180mm stopping power is in my horoscope.

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