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  1. Doesn't have the supermodel good looks of the Lezyne's but solid, great value pump. Had one since 2007 with no problems. Did struggle reaching max pressure on my road tubbies until I replaced the valve extenders with better quality ones. Now no problems reaching max pressure. Happy days.
  2. As was noted by an early response on page 1, Mr Holmes should be grumpy with the Aus government, not CRC (or Wiggle or ProBikeKit etc), and I think this for 2 reasons; 1. they don't charge sales tax (GST/VAT) on any retail import under AUD1000. At exchange rates hit this week, that's R12600 per order before any sales tax is added, plus making the free shipping threshold easily/cheaply achievable. Retailers and traditional importers are required to pay sales tax on all orders (probably due to order size always exceeding the AUD1000 threshold). It's affecting all retail in Aus, not just cycling especially since their minimum wage is pretty high for shop staff. Their govt ministers claim the small amounts of tax that would be collected if they changed this doesn't warrant the additional costs of collection (possibly they have not seen the volumes from CRC etc ). 2. they have let their exchange rate strengthen wildly as a result of China buying all their minerals to where it has been stronger than the US$ since 2010, making direct imports even more attractive to their citizens. By all means, respect to Matty Holmes for trying to protect his own business (under the guise of the "scene"), but I recon he's barking up the wrong tree.
  3. Several manufactures suggest mixing your bottles as close as possible to departure before a ride, and certainly not the night before unless it will be refrigerated. Deterioration of natural products is expected. 4 hours does seem too short a period before turning though. As an experiment, try sniffing any unfinished drink/bottle the following day, especially if it's been left in the sun. Will make your eyes bleed.
  4. Probably a bit of both but on a sliding scale depending on how familiar a viewer is with their cliches. Commentary fine for newer fans, tedious for those who have heard it all before and best to view it as a travel channel show with some good early remarks and post stage comments by Matt Keanan (yes I am a fan). All opinions aside, it is a great visual event and how else would my 3 year old daughter have learnt to shout out Tommy Voekler or Peter Sagan's name every time she sees a rider in Europe Car or Cannondale kit respectively.
  5. It's bad enough when riders freeload, but even worse when they interfere with the racing like a big Sunday bunch (all on premium brand bikes) did during this years Tour D'Urban, joining the race on the M4 heading south and causing mayhem when the road pointed upwards towards Pinetown.
  6. Agree with GOG that Matty Keenan is tops. His insights through often having spoken to riders and teams, many of whom he knows personally, and several of whom he rode with in Melbourne, are great and not just a regurgitation of what is available in the route handbook or interweb. I must disagree though regarding Paddy Agnew on the Giro in years gone by. I could not tolerate him and would rather turn the sound off entirely. His use of "um, err, arrgh" would drive me crazy, although that might just have been his Irish . Only the fool on TV who thinks he is a Formula 1 expert (i.e. I can read off the internet) makes more use of "um" as a verbal crutch. Back to the Phil & Paul show. Respect for them as they have gotten many people over the years introduced to cycling via their coverage of the TdF and for those who have not followed the Tour for the last 20 years it doesn't seem so bad. Also, while they are great fans of South Africa, their RSA focus during commentary is often during region specific cross overs where between them, they do short specific commentaries for each country receiving their feed. However it is time for fresh blood as I think they spend too much time opening their suitcases of cliches. Note: my opinion of Phil did go back up again briefly at last years Tour of California when he was caught swearing like a sailor before he knew the mike was on at the start of one of the highlights shows. MNet clearly don't watch or listen to their content as this was repeated with every one of the scheduled repeats.
  7. http://cyclesafrica.co.za/ They even have an online shop for old stock items.
  8. Can't say much more than has been said already about how good the ride, village and company were for the weekend. I think the Winteron Country Club bar made their target for the half year in one weekend. What I can do is remind you all how the crop sprayer knocked the snot out of those hay bales and dustbins with a load of water. For those where didn't see, the 2 x bins ended up about 20 meters away, (past the Audi). ps - while some got more vrot on Saturday night, the Smurfs must win hands down for their consistency of vrotness throughout the weekend. Respect.
  9. Looking at yr.no weather report for Winterton area, looks like the beers will need those little pink umbrellas in them to stop the rain getting in and turning them into Millers.
  10. I'll be collecting that beer IOU at SSWC thank you
  11. It's a few years since I became a Durbanistani again, but I recall from my years on the Spruit that you accessed it next to the Cape Dutch style office park (buildings were yellow) just over the river down Witkoppen from the M&B. Brave folk used to ride from Centurion side through to Emmerentia too. Pavement stretch from William Nicol along Replublic was preferable to muddy option.
  12. Hey XTC1, I did Splashy Fenn to Underberg to Bushmans Nek Hotel and back to Splashy a few weekends ago on the ss with no problems. But then the only luggage I was carrying were a phone, 2 x bottles, tube and multi-tool. See you @ Winterton (I'll be driving there).
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