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Absalon - muscles


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From this picture it can be seen that Julian Absalon (2 Olympic medals) probably works very hard in the gym, to have a strong upperbody to handle all the ups and downs in cross country mountain biking.

How much training should be done in the gym, to be a top cross country mountain biker without putting on to much extra weight?


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I will echo as many before me:

Weight for a cyclist is not the only issue...


Power to weight and endurance holds the key to success...


I have one weight session per week where I spend about 60min just doing upper body strength and During December/January I spend so time doing weight training for my legs...But that is about it.

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Look at a chimpanzee's forearms in the zoo. They look the same.

It's not about how much time you spend in the gym, but more the body fat you're carrying. There's not much difference between his arms and mine, just my eyes get much bigger down the big downhills than his.....


Look at the fat chick in the background: she spends her riding/gym time eating...

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