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I innocently found this website...


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Ok, so when posting this I wasn't sure if this should go in the TechQ & A or the Rant and Rave - but here it goes!


While doing some research and looking for inspiration on my Fixie project, I innocently stumbled onto this "website."


Well, let me just say that the spesific site is described as follows: "a photography project of a bicycle building enthusiast and budding photographer".


So in short, the site features pictorials of woman with bicycles. (They even have an annual printed calendar).


I myself find the site rather interesting, but was wondering what the rest of theHub would think about it?


I was also wondering how it would generally be accepted by the general public, would it be classified as a sort of a fetish? Bikes and Babes? B.A.B or Babes and Sprockets, B.A.S? or Chicks and Chains maybe - C.A.C?


It then got me thinking, how would my wife react... for example: the next time she asks me how she looks in a specific dress or short or something, could I say, "Wow babe, you look great, why don't you stand next to my MTB so that I can give you my honest opinion?"


Or if we have friends over to a braai, could I for example tell my mates wife, "You look very nice today! why don't you hold my bike for a bit and ill go get the camera?"


Lastly, which of theHub ladies would you suggest/request/beg to feature in such a pictorial? :rolleyes:

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Youll notice quite a bit of photos from the FixFixFix in our Ladies and Bicycle thread - (the deleted one had even more :()

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