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Active Braking Pivot


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What the views on the ABP system trek uses? Any benefit of using this on any other bike?




From Wiki:


After Mr. Weagle's patent applications were filed, Trek Bicycle Corporation released a version of the Split Pivot design called active braking pivot (ABP) in early 2007. In identical fashion to the Split Pivot design, the ABP system uses a rear pivot concentric to the rear axle. Trek's design allowed their new full suspension system to look very similar to previous models, but dramatically improved their ride quality. ABP reduces brake feedback that is typically felt by the rider as suspension stiffening. This allows the suspension to remain active while braking — hence the term, active braking pivot.


Split Pivot patent applications predate all patent applications filed by Trek.[10][11]


Trek also introduced a full floater system to go along with the ABP. The full floater system mounts the rear shock to two moving points in the suspension (rocker link and an extension of the chainstay). Other systems mount the shock to one end on the swing-arm, and the other to a fixed mount on the frame. This means as one part of the suspension compresses the shock, the other end of the shock moves as well. This allows Trek engineers more freedom to more accurately and precisely tune the system's leverage ratio. This functionality is also described in David Weagle's Split Pivot patent applications.[11]

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Hey bru,I can't explain the tech of why it works but it works beautifully. The ride on my trek fuel is so smooth and plush under braking. I actually only notice how good it feels when I ride my mates bikes that are made different.

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ABP = no "brake-jack"...ie your pivots still function when you are braking. With other pivot design the braking forces prevent the pivot working properly or so the okes in the white coats and pink socks say. As you said if you look at the Dave Weagle "split pivot" design, it works pretty much the same.

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