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rear shock hardware


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okay so after damaging the shaft on my mongoose teocali's rockshox mc3.1 i have recieved a replacement which i had chosen out of a very few options. it came in the form of a rockshox monarch rt3.


now i assumed i could use the same mounting hardware as its the same manufacturer and roughly same spec shock.


to my dismay on looking at the shock yesterday it seems the mounting holes are slightly bigger on the new shock.


are there some standards here for the mounting hardware and are they easily available or do i have to get some custom made?


i have contacted the mongoose guys to see what they can do, but no reply as yet

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jeff minnaar at greg minnaar cycles in pmb can fix any shock. many/most other shops send their major repairs to him...

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Some pictures would help but I'll speculate nevertheless.

To me it seems as if all shocks have the same eye size. The shock eye is the hole at either end through which all the other mounting hardware goes.


Inside the raw eye hole goes a bush. This is a split ring as wide as the eye, usually covered with Teflon on the inside. Usually red teflon. This is a wear part.


Inside this bush sits the reducer bush or mounting hardware. Those the hole in the reducer bush, fits the mounting bolt.


I suspect that your new shock does not yet have a bush in it. You may be able to press out the old one and press it into the new shock.

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i will post up some pics this afternoon, if you can maybe have a look then i'd appreciate it...


i had heard that fox and rockshox have the same dimentions, manitou is smaller.


i figured i could just use the old shocks mounting hardware, but on a quick look they seem smaller than what is required for the new one.


Thanks for the replies

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