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  1. just FYI I popped into pmb on wednesday... there are some damn fine foreign mtb woman wandering around
  2. its kind of silly not to have uncapped. telkom 2mb uncapped is R607 i havent been throttled yet
  3. i get a fixed petrol allowance, capped. it hasn't gone up and we have seen something like a 15% increase in petrol since jan times are grim in general, my bikes for sale need that cash for other things because of this ***
  4. refer to point number 1 http://lifehacker.com/5873922/10-stubborn-body-myths-that-just-wont-die-debunked-by-science
  5. just to lock onto the above discussion. I have a friend working at a pretty high end studio working for major design houses and large retails companies. they have full medium format setups. but 90% of the time they will use their 5D's over the medium format. For convenience sake and for the most part majority of people wont tell the difference between those shot on the MF or those on the 5D. clearly as a photographer you know the medium format is better, but one has to be realistic in what the world will actually appreciate. all comes down to ROI aswell. I dont think having a MF camera would necessarily get you more money
  6. for the first time in months I can see all the avatars and pictures hosted on thehub. I have been seeing the little "cant find your pic" icon for ever.
  7. geecee

    nose clips

    any sports shop should have
  8. you might find just changing tyres will change how you feel
  9. my images never load on the hub and also i cant edit my classified ads. but thats all been an issue for a while now
  10. What does that even mean Slowbee :/
  11. Awesome Thanks for the information knowledgeable hubbers
  12. what the title says. Can I drop in an SLX rear cassette in place of the XT. I have full XT everything else, just wondered if there would be any issues. money is a factor, hence the question, else I would just get XT again alternatively does anyone have a second hand set floating around that is still usable thanks
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