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Rave!! Cotic SA...


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I figured it's high time I heap some praise on Cotic South Africa


After much deliberation I bought a Cotic Soda titanium hardtail from Matt at Cotic in January this year. Yes I bought a 26" wheeled hardtail - oh the horror, oh the shame!! Get over it "converts", it's awesome and I'll be buying Cotic's Solaris steel 29er when it comes out next year, because I think both wheel sizes are great!


I say much deliberation as I reckon I can be an irritating buyer (I doubt very much that I'm alone here), but Matt solved that problem by inviting me out to Groenkloof for a morning. He arrived there with a steel Soul and a titanium Soda. "Ride them both, and take your pick". Brilliant way to sell a bike to be sure, arguably not feasible to do for every customer, but it sure as hell impressed me.


On Monday whilst erm... er, stroking :blush: my Soda I noticed it had a crack of about an inch long on the frame. Considering this is the third frame I've broken in as many years, the horror of this discovery is no longer such an issue for me. Frames crack, break, etc, yes, even titanium ones - it's not some miracle metal as it's often perceived to be.


I called Matt up on Monday evening, and he immediately said it would be replaced as it had a lifetime warranty. He even offered to build across my components for me. Bearing in mind I only bought a frame from him at the time, he had no obligation to do this. I dropped the bike off on Tuesday midday, and collected my fully built-up new-framed bike before 2 o'clock on Wednesday - ready to ride that day!!!


I cannot but class this as exceptional service and way beyond what I would ever have expected.


So if you'd like a bike that's not a big mainstream brand, and are looking for a steel or titanium hardtail, singlespeed or jumpbike, or even a 29er hardtail (and you can wait until Fed 2012) then give Cotic a look. You will not be disappointed... in their bikes, and most certainly not in their service! Yes unashamed punting.... they deserve it!! :thumbup:

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So nice to hear-exactly what the 'smaller guys' need to be doing to compete against the disinterested bigger guys.

Here's their website btw http://cotic.co.za/


My next bike will be once of these me thinks (after my Voodoo breaks)

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