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KCNC Pro Lite TI


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I am looking to put a new seatpost on my MTB (yes I am trying to save a few grams) but not at the expense of reliabilty.


I have a KCNC pro lite TI on my road bike and I dont worry about it breaking or snapping at all.

But the abuse an MTB takes vs. the road bike is a different story does anyone have some words of wisdom to share on

1. Is the KCNC on an MTB a bad idea?

2. What seat post would you recomend


Current set up

I am using a Bontrager RL 400mm 0 degree offset post at the moment, it works 100% but it is on the heavy side.

I am below 90kgs and I like to ride at places like VG / rietvlei and I will be doing the 3 towers to give you an idea of the type of terrain i will be riding.

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I have used it for 3 years without problems.


I also use the selle itallia SLR with carbon rails.


I don't exactly do DH riding, but I do race quite hard in some fairly rocky terrain, and also ride VG, reitvlei and have been to mankele.


Personally I don't know why anyone rides with other seat posts that cost more and are heavier.


On another note, I used to ride it on a hard tail, with no problem. Now I have a soft tail, and I think it takes significantly less impact compared to the hard tail.

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I ride with one on my hardtail with a fair amount of seatpost sticking out (more leverage to break I assume?) and so far no problems. Done about 3000km with it... Only trouble I have is a clicking noise when the torque isnt right.

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