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Measuring fitness on your heart rate


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Is there a way to work your fitness out this way?

I did a 10km today( out in the tropics at the momet-Nigeria), i started fairly easy and increased my speed as i went, till at the end i was basically sprinting the last 1000M

my heart went to 183max at this stage, then i stoppef and stanind still but not sitting my heart dropped to 145 beats p/m

im 34 years old

I am fairly fit , would just be nice if there is a formula or something like that so i can hace a basic idea


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No real formula(that I'm aware of, although Google might differ), it is just an indication: lower waking heart rate due to training indicates improved fitness.


The other option would be to run a standard route at a set heart rate, and the measure the distance covered at that heart rate. In theory you should be able to go further as you get fitter. Something standardised like this can also be used to calculate training zones (speed / pace) on a monthly(regular) basis.

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Its is an indication at best. Riding at the group's pace our club rides when I started I averaged above 165bpm often, last Saturday my avg HR was 135bpm and was setting the pace (3years down the line I must say)


So yes it is a broad indication of your fitness, but cant look in detail at the numbers, eg use a formula because there are too many factors.


- Health

- Fatigue

- Weather conditions

- etc


Do a lactate threshold test every 6 weeks or so, thats a somewhat better indicator.

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To watch is how fast your HR drops after intense exercise. Yonks ago our judo master used to have us do this. Take your pulse immediately when you stop intense exercise (say your 183) and again 1 or 2 min later. you see this on the bike as well - as your fitness improves, you recover faster from intense efforts which means your heart rate drops faster. Maybe that's the formula your looking for?? Might be something... There's also that heart rate variability thing which you need a HRM/computer to measure. Far as I know all this just helps you see if your training is working and is not about measuring yourself against others...

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