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2012 Bike Lights Shootout


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For 2012, bike lights are now brighter than car head lights, smaller than your thumb and cheaper than ever before. Of course, this is not all in one light that has all these qualities. But now the market has evolved to these different segments. The customer can now choose the best type of lights for his application.

This year, we will break up our Lights Shootout into different categories:


High End


Flashlight or Self-Contained

Tail Lights


Here’s a round-up of the complete set of lights. Please note that ‘Claimed Lumens’ is the stated lumen output by the light manufacturer. ‘Measured Output’ is a proprietary Mtbr tool where we use a Lux meter to measure the total reflected light in a controlled room.


Details on the setup are here: Lights Shootout Light Meter Reasurements

This has been very effective in comparing the output of the lights to each other.


Read here for Complete 2012 Reviews


More links:

Mtbr Lights Shootout Main Page

2011 Bike Lights Shootout Beam Pattern PHOTOS

Lights Shootout Light Meter Measurements

2011 Bike Lights Shootout

Mtbr Lights Reviews

Lights for Night Riding

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Have been riding with Exposure lights for a couple of years now. They are brilliant. The all in one package is the best idea ever. No wires and seperate battery packs. They last more than long enough, are bright and light.

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Just wondering if anyone has recently bought anything other than a Magicshine? I've developed a 600lm light with 4 hours of runtime, but haven't heard of anyone who's willing to fork out for something locally made of decent quality when you can get a Chinese import for less than a grand, so the project's on ice for now.


Any comments welcome...

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Droo the thing is that most cyclist just don't use it enough to justify the cost over a cheaper Magiclight that basically does the same thing.

I would gladly drop 5k on a top of the line lighting rig if I knew I would get enough actual usage from it that would make up the costs ie. 24hour events, adventure racing.


My 2c anyway

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