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RAVE: Buffet Olives 42km MTB!


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WOW what an awesome course the 42km Buffet Olives MTB challenge was yesterday, it indeed had a bit of everything and a HELL of a lot of climbing!!!


Wish I'd been feeling better (bit of flu) but I enjoyed the ride all the same!


Highlights for me:


- the climbing (to a point :))


- the displays of humour by the organisers at "the sting in the tail" unrideable climb. (They asked if we'd found our Granny yet? Well this was one of those races that I was riding prdominantly ONLY in my granny - all the way!)


- the passage under the flyover leading to the tunnel - I was awe struck


- the waterpoints and the CRUNCHIES - I want the recipe!!!!


- the ST - flowing and fast!


- just all round organisation.



- That darn 4km climb in the end! If I had passed the race designer on that climb I would have given him a piece of my mind :unsure: ... all in the spirit of riding and jokingly of course. But that climb HURT LIKE HELL. Thanks Geddan :P


Well done and THANK YOU to the organisers, this is one I will rave about for a long time and will definitely be riding it again next year.


Hope the rider who fell and hurt his ribs is OK, it happened in close proximity of me and it was a HARD fall.


My time: 03:38 (with flu... next year I aim for 03:15!).

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I have to agree with everything that Tazz says, this race was awesome. I did the 25km last year, it was my 2nd race ever (the ridiculously flat "die burger 30km" was the first) and I have been raving about it since. This year I did the 42km and it was even better.


That climb at the end did me in too, my legs felt like unresponsive lumps of ham.


I sure was glad that I've upgraded to a real bike since last year though. The Makro-special that I did the 25 on would have been a nightmare on those awesome sketchy downhills (nevermind lugging 20kg of bike up the buchu-burn) :D


Not 100% sure of my time (forgot to turn off autopause on my GPS) but it seems to be in the 2:40-2:45 region. Will have to wait for the results to be sure.

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yup ST was awesome

bult aan die einde = not funny!laugh.gif


going under the flyover bridge..super cool!

het dit darem in een stuk gemaakbiggrin.gif


BTW: anybody took pics at/of the bridge from underneath?

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