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94.7 lost & found


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was hoping to find some sunnies and a computer too, but this was the best i could do :thumbup:

i saw the ravx pump, it was on M1 just past marlboro drive, but it was on a downhill and i couldnt stop because it would have caused a serious pile-up.


tell me the serial numbers on the money and you can have it back. for the time being i gave your money to the kind assistant at McDonalds for safekeeping.

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What batch did you start in? The further back the more you would have found! You missed about a dozen or more bottles, many half filled, so a good 6 litres of nutrition gone too. Not to mention enough sunglass lenses to last a few years.

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You can keep my bottle. It cracked upon impact and scared the hell out of the rider behind me. Never saw that bump coming out of Braamfontein.

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