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  1. Use some gum to block the other one. Go ride! Stop looking for excuses.......
  2. Hmmm. Sure seems thinner lately, and doesn't seem to last as long as it used to! Who 'confirmed' this?
  3. PAUL chainkeeper ! Just make sure you specify seat tube diameter. Grant of Single Speed SA brings them in. Solid machined alu. No plastic.
  4. Caster? I thought that issue was all about nuts, not banned substances?
  5. Perfectly. You may get off the couch now. Time is up. Hope you have found yourself. See you next week.
  6. Right. Your advert is no longer 'beyond me'. Nubbin.
  7. who's Andy Schleck if he ain't this guy? What he do? Steal something? Dodgy blokes down there.
  8. Why the hell did you send a bike via SAPO ?!
  9. I would be mildly concerned about this. Based on it's proximity to the dropout. I would suggest sending these images to CSS. Strangely enough, in discussing this new design recently I raised the issue of how strong this section of the casting would prove to be. Apparently not strong enough!
  10. Are you 16 years old son? Because if you are you are on the wrong forum.
  11. Now that I sincerely believe is the right spot for a rear caliper.
  12. If your're that good you don't really need legs. They usually end up going to sleep aswell!
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