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Ghost Ebs Pro - Opinion


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Hi Hubbers. I would like to hear some of your opinions on the 2011/2012 Ghost Ebs Pro MTB as a starting bike. The specs are listed below. I would really appreciate some comments. tnx. Theo.





EBS 7005 DB


GHOST Superlight ST58A 31.8mm


Suntour Raidon RLD Air 100mm Remote Lock Out




GHOST Low Rider Light 620mm 31.8mm


GHOST Superlight 31.6mm



Rear Derailleur:

Shimano XT 2012

Front Derailleur:

Shimano XT 2012

Brake Lever:

Magura Julie HP


Shimano Deore XT 2012 44-33-22 incl. Integrated BB


Magura Julie HP 180mm

Front Tire:

Schwalbe Rocket Ron Sam 2.25

Rear Tire:

Schwalbe Rocket Ron 2.25


Alex DP 20 Disc


DT Swiss 1.8


SRAM 506

Cassette Sprocket:

SRAM 10-Speed 11-32

Front Travel:





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And some of the specs are different from the one in the picture. The specs listed are the correct ones!

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I can read Smart Sam tyres on the photo from here. It has good equipment. Probablly too good as a starting bike. The crank in the photo does not seem to be XT.

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What sort of of beginning bike?


For your 16 year sporty son who is going to go race with his friends or for your wife who is going to do a 10km ride four times a year. This makes all the difference.

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Hi thanks for the reply. yes, like I said, some of the components differ from teh picture posted. Why I don not know, got the pic off the net. (??). The Bike is for me, Im 24 years old and looking to buy. It will be my second bike and I've been riding for about a year This is one of the bikes I can afford. So I'm not looking for a bike only to take a sunday ride. It;s going to work hard. If you don't believe met about the specs, I can take some pictures of the bike and attach them. THe specs listed are the correct ones. I'm sure of that!

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Hey Theodore - the reason you are getting so few responses is you have posted in the Polls forum. Maybe a mod can move it for you if you PM them.


I am going to go out on a limb and say I don't like the specs on the Ghost. The reason is that they seem to have put premium components on the irrelevant stuff (Crank, Tyres, RD, Stem) and cheaper stuff on the things that matter (Fork, Wheels).


Choose a bike for serious duty based on the following:


1st: The Fork. Know how much the fork on the bike retails for.

2nd. The Wheels. Know how much the wheels retails for. Must be tubeless rims.

3rd. Everything else. Drivechain is a consumable and the cheaper stuff often lasts longer anyway. Aluminium frames are all good enough unless you buy a no-name brand.

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Those are pretty serious specs to be called a "starting bike"


Air shock and full XT are normally found on high end bikes.

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This question is all just relative to the price!! XDT components are great!! You will not regret buying them... I forsee that yuo might want to repalace the Suntour fork at some stage (probabaly the only drawback on the spec's) Happy hunting - ride & don't worry too much about the specs!! You WIL upgrade at some stage...we all do...


OK, an edit...the Suntour fork is not entry level either! It will last yuo quite sometime....


now...the price?

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Hi Guys. Yes the fork is the only drawback, relative to the rest of the specs anyway. But as Cassie said. it's not a entry level fork. The picture I posted does not have the specs listed. I got the Pic of the net and only realized it after I posted. I can get the bike for R7500 NEW at Cajees Cycles Roodepoort (which might also be a drawback??). As I said, I'm not too familiar with Ghost bikes, but with the specs listed it's quite hard to resist.

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Did you say Cajees?!? Try and take somebody who is familiar with mtb equipment and the Cajees modus operandi with you when going back to the store. They are known for pulling wool over the cyclists' eyes. Also check on the Ghost website that the bike has not been altered from it's OEM state.

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