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  1. Ja.. Was worried about a shock. My plan was to build up a cheap bike. I can't use much from my hard tail as it is a 650b.
  2. I've built plenty bikes in my time. I kinda wanted to treat this as a project of sorts. I was just worried the frame may be beyond its useful life. Also, I do have spares of all sorts lying around.
  3. I don't have a picture of it, unfortunately. Its R500, with a really stuffed and not worth mentioning Suntour fork that will probably end up in the bin.
  4. Wow... Awesome looking bike. One of my favourites too.
  5. I've never owned a full suspension bike before. I've been offered an older Axis frame for a good price and was thinking of building it up. What must I look out for? I would imagine the most important thing are the pivot points if they are worn. I would think bearings/bushings are easily replaced. It has no shock, so I would have to get that.
  6. As a beginner, the best advice I can give is to ignore all the technical jargon. Most of it is hype any way. Just visit a few shops, tell them your budget and that you are starting and let them recommend a bike. For R8k, a hard tail is probably your best bet. Try to get Hydraulic disc brakes. Best bang for buck brands are Axis, Titan and Silverback.
  7. Until you get mud and water jammed into the cables and those little arms that mechanical discs have.
  8. Yes you did and I stand by my comment.
  9. GT make some good quality products. Both of these look well looked after and good spec. Look like a good price
  10. The rage at the moment is 1 x 12 speed. Personally, I don't think that this is for everyone as it limits your range. As a beginner, I don't think the number of gears is make or break. On a mtb, hydraulic brakes make a huge difference. V brakes (rim brakes) are also pretty fine, but mechanical discs are rubbish. If you buy a bike with mechanical discs, your first upgrade would be hydraulic.
  11. At R2500, new is not an option. A Totem will not handle off road. I got my daughter one for the occasional road ride around the neighborhood and off the bat, the brakes never worked. No amount of tinkering would get them to work. You will have to look second hand, you may pick up a a decentish 26 inch around R2500. But it will be old, so take someone with you who knows about bikes. Not sure about the Cannondale you speak of. Generally, they are a good brand, but it depends on the size and how it was looked after.
  12. I once chatted to the product manager of a local bike brand. They literally took a hammer to the frame of the prototypes they decided not to use.
  13. Eugene

    Hi guys

    I know that some of Merida's 26 inch frames did fit 27.5 wheels. Not sure if this is one of them. They certainly won't fit 29 inch wheels.
  14. Please elaborate... What makes a Giant/Scott/Merida more refined and less old fashioned than Titan or Silverback?
  15. I put a set of shifters on my daughter's mtb bike. Have had no issues, they work as they are supposed to. I've read some complaints about the road groups though. The shift lever at the bottom strikes the brake lever and the shift lever is plastic and has a tendency to snap
  16. Damn.. Glad you are safe. Its amazing that they didn't take your bike too.
  17. The site has recently been upgraded, but I would imagine you go to the Buy and Sell section and click on Create New Ad. The same as what you did to post this ad
  18. Maybe post a "wanted" ad in the classified section of Bikehub.
  19. So... Did you buy the bike?
  20. If this guy is really going through difficult times, every extra cent that he can get is needed. Cut him some slack, the extra money he got from someone else could be an extra meal or a month's rent.
  21. Thule is damn expensive. I have no idea about pricing, but you will probably get a Holdfast platform rack for a similar price to this Thule.
  22. You wanted to "assault" the salesman. That sounds pretty unreasonable to me. But I agree, I would be pretty pisses off too if they replaced things you didn't ask them to.
  23. Team Dimension Data (not the Pro Tour team, but the earlier sister team to Microsoft) rode with the RC8000 back in the day. These had the same frame as the RC7000. With Ultegra, it can hardly be described as a beginers bike.
  24. There are so many factors at play, such as age, condition of each bike, size etc. Assuming both are a similar age and both are in good condition, the Raleigh will be streets ahead of the Silverback in terms of quality. The frame of the Raleigh is much better quality and is much lighter, also Ultegra is higher up the food chain than 105. At R4 500, the Raleigh is a good price. Mostly, these go for between R6-R7k on the used market. If the Raleigh is in a good condition, you will be getting a lot of bike for R4 500. Perhaps you can show links to photos of the bikes. It will give us a better idea.
  25. The supplier... They have sold you a part that has not lasted as long as they promised it would. Why should the purchaser have to pay labour because the supplier sold you a substandard part.
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