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Problem With Crank/BB


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Hi Guys


Been noticing the following on my momsen/Shimano Crank Lately,

Whenever I pedal for a while and I straighten my leg(doesn't matter which one) to rest it, there is a feelable click from somwhere below on the bike.


Any ideas?



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A click noise like that could be anything on the drivetrain.



Crank bolts


could even be the read Hub/freehub.


Start from the front and start checking and greasing would be my plan of action.

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also try the seat post! I recently built up my bike and a click developed on a (wet) ride. Was convinced that it was the BB / saddle (as I changed the saddle).


After a bit of thought, I realised that by riding in the rain, the water ran down the seat post and created dry spots = click heaven.


I removed the seat tube, sprayed some chain lube (motorcycle) on it and smeared it. Put it back in and now it's quiet.... now just to figure out what the other noise near the back wheel is blink.png (think it's a noisy free body - I hope)

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Start at seatpost fist, check bolts on clamp. This has been the number one cause on the hub for this common problem (talking from experience as well)


After that it could be anything, once it was the cable tie for my cadence sensor magnet attached to the crank that was touching my frame.

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