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Garden Route 300 vs Sani vs W2W


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We're doing the GR300 but have done the sani and w2w before. I want to know how much more difficult is the GR300 vs the other 2 3 day stage races. The GR300 is 100km/day with almost 2000m vertical gain every single day whereas the other 2 races is about average 80km/day with average 1200m vertical gain. Has anyone done the GR300 before to be able to comment on it?

We're very excited though but nervious about the training as we can't find any MTB routes in Pretoria with that much climbing, the most climbing we found here was 90km with 1000m climbing...

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I think you just answered your own question. It is 800m and 20 km more. I would worry more about the 800m.


You could set up an 'artificial route' at Breedt's neck with that much climbing and distance by doing it multiple times.

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Hi, Did it in 2011 and here are my garmin distances... sometimes not as bad as websites says :


Day 1 93km and 1811 m ascent

Day 2 92km and 1684 m ascent

day 3 70km and 1572 m ascent


Have also done Sani but a while ago and its pretty much of a muchness.


Enjoy its a fabulous race!!

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We are also doing Garden Route 300 for the 1st time.We will do Breedts a couple times beforehand.


Our weekly training consists of 3 x 50km commutes on SS (ascent 800m a day) and a long ride on Sunday. This same schedule got us through Jhb2C without any problems.

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We're also doing the GR300 for the first time & I see where Jaxtun comes from, according to the website:

Day 1: 95km & 1950m ascent

Day 2: 105km & 1980m ascent

Day 3: 75km & 1650m ascent


We only started training January but did the W2W the end of last year, currently we're just aiming for hours in the seat so we do about 14-16hours per week and anything from 60km - 100km per day(Saturday club rides, Sundays, Tuesdays & Thursdays) . We stay in Pretoria so the max we can get is also 1000m ascent per day...

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Updated route info, its getting a bit worse.....


Garden Route day 1 and 2 has been confirmed, Day 1 99km (1950m vertical climbing) Day 2 now 115km (2100m vertical climbing) and now waiting for day 3's confirmation.....much more than we anticipated :S

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