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Maltodextrin supply in CT? (Asker Jeukendrup)


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Anybody know who supplies maltodextrin in normal qty's in CT?And

any feedback on guys that have used Asker Jeukendrup's drink? I tried to search, but could not get a decent feedback.

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Try find Knersis (Hein) on thehub, he's close to Cape Gate, used to get mine of him. His nr otherwise is zero eight 3, double 4 nine- three 9 zero 3.


I've done plenty of taining and races (Epic, Freedom Challenge, Attakwas, Transbaviaans etc) on the AJ mix, works as well as anything else at a fraction of the cost.

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I've seen & bought the fructose component of AJ mix in Diskem stores...

Got my Maltodextrin also from Knersis...(don't know if he has anymore stock...but worth a try).


As for how it works....well, chickenrun4me said it all!!

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