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KILLARNEY 25.1.2012


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1 Sharon Laws

2 Leana Somethingorother



1 Darren Lill

2 Boyd Roberts

3 David Garrett

4 Alex Heward

4 Theuns v.d. Bank

5 Neville Cragg

6 Craig Boyes

7 MC Dreyer

8 Ryan Kemp

9 Daniel Schmeisser

10 Jacques v.Zyl

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Lap1 00.00 04:12.34

Lap2 04:27.83 08:40.17

Lap3 04:30.32 13:10.49

Lap4 04:28.34 17:38.84

Lap5 04:36.00 22:14.84

Lap6 04:31.14 26:45.98

Lap7 04:28.07 31:14.06

Lap8 04:30.85 35:44.91

Lap9 04:36.22 40:21.13

Lap10 04:30.81 44:51.95

Lap11 04:40.01 49:31.97

Lap12 09:03.42 58:35.39

End 04:37.06 01:03:12.46

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I'm guessing Darren finished alone?


A big break went on lap one when a huge dead wheel gap opened on turn three in the crosswind, darren rode accross. The break was about 10 strong and then slowly filtered down to just 4, Theun clipped a wheel and went down on the last corner with a lap to go.


Needless to say I was caught out in the split, missed the break and spent all night chasing.


Darren was in the break driving all night and I think he just opened a gap so he didnt have to sprint on the last lap. Boyd and David had a sprint and the result was a few millimeteres apart.

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The wind must have been pumping. I was on Red Hill at 6 with the Colonel's Fartlek workout, getting blown all over place. So many different intervals I had to keep stopping to check what was next on my phone.


I miss the brutal simplicity of training at Killarney, must try get back there next week.

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