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Rest or train through a 'tweak'?

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For the first 15 minutes of each ride my leg does not feel lekker right here.


[can't figure out how to embed an image file so I just attached it - if I click 'image' it only allows me to link to a URL and not use a local file - help anyone?]


Feels like the muscle or tendon attaching it is 'tweaked'. No pain, only discomfort.


The feeling completely goes away after 15 minutes and it feels 100%.


It has only been like this for the last two months or so.


It is worse on a spinning bike.


p.s. not my legs, mine are much more ripped.


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upload to a place like flickr or imageshack or tinypic.com and then paste the url



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Because after 15min you are nice and warm. I've have had more or less the same issue. Rather go to a Physio and get it sorted, otherwise it will keep coming back.

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"flickr or imageshack or tinypic.com"


At work. Blocked, blocked and blocked.


Your knee is trying to tell you something.










You need a new job!

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