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Polar CS600x to strava

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Tech QA.. Deserves a decent answer :)


From https://strava.zendesk.com/entries/21455978-new-unsupported-devices-and-workarounds:



NEW: Unsupported Devices and Workarounds


Other GPS-Enabled Devices:

Polar Devices:

Polar GPS-enabled devices have the native file format of .HRM which is not compatible with Strava. The .HRM format will need to be converted and exported as a .GPX or .TCX file for the GPS data to be compatible for uploading to Strava. There are a handful of tools available to convert these files outside of Strava.


Maybe use the Polar importer plugin(Only F6, C200, S725X though), or alternatively the

Polar ProTrainer Sync plugin into SportTracks , and then export from there via the TCX Export plugin to .tcx, which can then be loaded into Strava



Note that without the GPS sensor most of what Strava is about will be lost to you.



Hope that helps?


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You can try to import to Endomondo first and then export GPX to Strava.


Not 100% sure on the formats Endomondo supports.

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