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Olympic hurrican vs Serfas Trax MTB shoes


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Hi Guys,

I'm trying to decide between the Olympic hurrican and Serfas Mens Trax shoes. There is not much difference in the price. The Serfas is a bit more multi-purpose, which is why I'm considering it.


Factors to consider:

* Durability

* Comfort

* Easy to clean

* walking \ dismounting on rough terrain

* shock absorbency on feet & legs (hard tail bike)


I do appreciate your feedback.





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I have a pair of the Olympics. Comfort is good, and so far they are durable. I only rinse them off after riding so I'd say they clean pretty easily. The soles are quite stiff, which is good for pedaling, but not so great for walking. Biggest issue for walking is the lack of grip because of the 'plastic' nature of the soles. They have very little grip on big rocks. The Serfas' soles look like they are more rubber which should give better grip. As for shock absorption... that's what your legs are for!

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In line with what you described your requirements as, the Serfas, the Olympics are more towards riding than multipurpose.

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