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  1. MrJacques

    Formula 1...

    Schumacher documentary is out on Netflix
  2. Mick Hannah will be retiring after Snowshoe.
  3. Double header this week. Women's DH race 1 – Snowshoe Live at 15.09.2021 18:30 Men's DH race 1 – Snowshoe Live at 15.09.2021 19:45 Women's DH final – Snowshoe Live at 18.09.2021 18:30 Men's DH final – Snowshoe Live at 18.09.2021 19:45
  4. Something interesting (not sure if it's been posted before). Too pure water can damage some machines. My friend's Expobar was damaged due to this. Water and Your Machine - Whole Latte Love What Type of Water Is Best For My Espresso Machine? - Whole Latte Love
  5. MrJacques

    Formula 1...

    Saw some photos... that tyre was on top of Lewis' helmet. Glad that both are ok.
  6. MrJacques

    Formula 1...

  7. Hippos are known to be very dangerous. You'd be better off facing a rhino.
  8. The website is pretty cool: https://thechoiceisyours.whatisthematrix.com/ Click on either pill a few times
  9. Rob Warner voice: Look at the time!
  10. https://thechoiceisyours.whatisthematrix.com Marketing for the new Matrix movie. Click on either pill a few times
  11. MrJacques

    Formula 1...

    Almost sad to see him leaving Williams. Imagine if they have a winning car next year.
  12. The commentators said that he has a back injury of some kind. But yeah, it takes longer to recover when you're older.
  13. Good race, so close at the end.
  14. MrJacques

    Formula 1...

    Kimi is retiring at the end of this season. Now the rumours for who will replace him... Not sure how official this is... Lewis not happy with Mercedes' decision about George Russell - report | Wheels (news24.com)
  15. Lenzerheide this weekend, woohoo! UCI Mountain Bike World Cup 2021: Lenzerheide (redbull.com)
  16. From VitalMTB a few days ago:
  17. Greg's first World Champs (win?), 18 years ago.... https://www.instagram.com/p/CTKapskFMbr I think the bike on the podium was the one in the vid, judging by the size
  18. I thought Loris had it when he was 1.7 in the green.... So stoked for Minnaar, wow!
  19. Excellent run from Cabirou despite her injury and an even better one from the winner. I think she would have beaten Vali if if she didn't take a tumble.
  20. That has to be difficult and messing with her head. She has the talent, it just needs to click mentally as well.
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