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  1. Fit and comfort with MIPS, go from there. Some brands hold better after sales support than others with some form of crash replacement percentage. Bell, Giro, Specialized, Lazer, Titan, Abus, Bontrager are good examples.
  2. You've been gifted a memorable experience, go for it.
  3. Christophe Bassons. Now there’s an actual legend worth the cake 👍
  4. Like many, I’ve dealt with Manny (ACE) a number of times, never an issue. Has always been a standup gent. As is his reputation. You have haven’t actually said anything substantive amongst the personal insults and aggro. Which makes one think there’s more to your post than let on.
  5. Or take side cutters and clip the nozzle further down where it's wider, no more clogging. Scissors also work but feel so domestically effeminate, with side cutters you feel really handy and can make a grunt just like Tool Man Tim.
  6. Wildly different scenario regarding corporate brand ink. Also wildly stupid imho opinion, but also not worth projecting about. I've seen some pretty good event ink work, a guy who the old Epic logo ages back, incorporated among some of his existing ink. What was also cool is that he did it for himself based on his experience, not for any perception of street cred. Which for the most part is likely why most people do it, not for some random commentator.
  7. Such a personal choice, I'm a fan, always have been. Although currently I'm running XT 12spd and I've always like Shimano's trigger shifters, especially with the double action. A bit tempted to try out the gripshift for a bit though.
  8. What profile. It is a tattoo of an event, for whatever reason. Some people think the SSWC is lame, personally I think they have a stick up their ass. The point is what people decide to do with ink is upto them.
  9. Sure, but regardless for an event. Despite the hype around the 'cool kid' factor. Wether it's Epic, Comrades, Dakar, SingleSpeeds, Olympics etc .... it's a personal connection people make based on their journey. I might not buy into it, but for them they may.
  10. SSWC 2012 Don't forget Burry Stander and Amy Beth, they both got Single Speed World Champs tattoos.
  11. Haha... jokes aside though, Aaron has won some awards. I’ve worked with him from time to time and he’s both exceptionally professional and helpful. That’s become a rarity in general sometimes these days.
  12. Actually yes, in many respects the sport's national impetus was gained by the Cape Epic's reputation and international status. Through that many people, who will never ride Epic, have discovered an awesome sport. Over the years the sport has seen growth and maturity beyond the endurance sufferfest of Epic. A good example is Burry Stander. He was an exceptional XCO racer with many accomplishments ahead of his Cape Epic titles, but he only became more widely known as an athlete and after winning Epic. This also brought XCO more into the fore for riders. Platt is another example, he was a consistent top ten finisher in World Cup XCO, wins Cape Epic and suddenly everyone locally and in Germany know who he is. Cape Epic gave an injection of broader appeal to South African MTB, locally and abroad. This is a fact. It doesn't mean it's central and all encompassing to SA MTB, but it absolutely has played a role in the growth of the sport.
  13. Brazil makes up a significant portion of the entries. SA is still the capital of stage and marathon events, but places like Aus, US and a few Euro nations are also seeing a lot of growth in these disciplines. Marathon World Champs is an increasingly contested event. As far as pricing goes, yes Epic has become the marque event in that respect. Personally I don't feel alienated by the event, I enjoy it for what it is and am grateful that in some part I've been able to make a form of living out of the sport/event. They have their **** together and are a slick organisation setting the standard in international appeal. Thats not for everyone and yes the elitism will be a partial byproduct, fortunately not everyone subscribes to that.
  14. Look to each their own. By and large though most of these cocktails are BS. Speak to any credible GP, especially in the sports area. Dr Jarad van Zuydam and Mike Posthmus come to mind. Some NB things to consider; IV complications like an embolism for example, area real risk, essentially you're subjecting yourself to an invasive procedure. So having properly qualified and trained staff administering this is pretty important. Many of the 'cocktails' on offer are questionable at best, especially in the context of an IV. To have an IV of any kind there should be demonstrable medical requirement under the guidance of a medical professional (Doctor). Ie sever dehydration. Sport, especially cycling has a strict no needles policy. So, anyone holding a race licence and/or signing the T&C of a race.
  15. Little bit before my time then, I arrived late 90's around then and left mid 2000s. Was predominately at Aviation TAS in Kempton.
  16. Small world, possible we've came across each other at some point. Did you ever work with some of the flight and weapons test guys? Wes Lindenberg, Blokkies Joubert, Mike Weingartz et al ?
  17. 11 years at Denel/Armscor made this clear. Especially in some people specifically.
  18. Not the cheapest, but there are various options with different pricing. https://soxfootwear.co.za/ I've always liked the feel and both quality and longevity has consistently grown over time, especially now that production is in SA. They truly have become my default sokkie jol. Versus, Falke and some others make up representation too....
  19. A bit, it's pretty warm and durable but thicker and heavier than merino.
  20. If you can source 105 calipers at a better price and then go for Swiss Stop pads with the correct setup, should be a winner!
  21. Have a couple pairs of Mohair socks, best thing ever. Defacto goto when working outdoors in winter!
  22. It's right there in my post ..... don't come with tri stuff now, bad enough that Harleys have been brought into the topic.
  23. Chinese company, Wanda Sports. Which isn't a bad thing, sets a lot of job security for those employed by the event and with the pandemic the ownership very likely saved jobs thanks to having the financial backing. This was always going to be for an international audience, which includes South Africans. Any event that goes international is going to be limiting to many due to both the coast and commitment required, look at the Dakar Rally. At least here in SA we have more events than the world combined to choose from. Even with the ever swirling apocalypse.
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