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Hi guys


I was just wondering, when upgrading from 9 to 10 speed, is it only the chain, shifetrs and cluster that i need to change/upgrade or is it the whole groupset itself that needs to be upgraded including derailleurs etc etc???


Your guys help and knowledge will be much appreciated....

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road or mtb?


i used an old shimano 600 (ultegra) rear derailleur with a 10-speed set up at one point without a problem. currently using a 105 9-speed rd for my 10-speed set-up. with shimano the throw from biggest cog to smallest is the same from 8 speed through to 10 speed.

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That's the qu, is it really worth it upgrading from 9 to 10 speed??


some say it is worth it, some say its just heavier, so im a little in the dark here...

obviously im sure every cyclist would want to ride witht he best componenets, as in 11speeed etc, but not all of us can....so i was thinking of getting there slowly by upgrading....


But if its really not worth it then i could save the money for other things...


I currently have a 105 9speed set up....


Another qu, is there any performance difference between the 105 standard set up and the 105 black edition??

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