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29 er tires buying advise needed.


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Hi I need help on choosing my 29 er tires. The options are


1.geax saguaro TNT on both wheels or


2. combination maxxis ardent Ust front and crossmark lust in front.


I know this has been discussed in great length but I would appreciate all your opinions and experiences with either most people have good experiences with both i want to make the right choice..




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Only 3 choices:


- Maxxis Ikon Exo: Lasts long, good consistent grip, 30g lighter than Ralph Snakeskin

- Racing Ralph: Good grip, rolls very slightly faster than an Ikon, but wears out 3x quicker, Snakeskin 30g heavier that Ikon Exo

- Ritchey WCS Shield: Good grip but less volume, rolls as fast as a Ralph and wears out just as quick but 60g lighter


For a dually I like the Ikon front and Shield rear. The Shield (same with the Ralph) wears out quickly especially on the rear, but it helps that the Ikon on the front lasts so long, so only have to replace the rear regularly. For my hardtail/race wheels I have Shields front and rear, but I`m thinking of going Ralph Snakeskin front and rear.


For my training wheels I`m going with Ikon front and rear cause these just last so long and is bullet proof. If I only had 1 wheelset I would probebly go with Ikon front and rear or stick to Ikon front and Shield rear.


I would not consider any other options. The Contis are heavy, the X-Mark has bad grip and super-heavy in UST, the Nobbly Nic rolls slow and is heavy.

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Well I am partial to grip above all. I really liked Geax Saguaro but had to stop using them because they will NOT go on my new Stans rims. Now on Nobby Nics (front and rear) for dually and Ralphs (all snakeskin) for hardtail. The ultimate cornering tyre I have is a Bonty FR3 Team Issue (more of a downhill-ish tyre). If very, very muddy I like Bonty Mud-X, but they dont like hardpack. Solomons have a special on 29-3 which is on the grippy side and is good value now. So it is horses for courses (and price) I guess...

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