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  1. Suffered but happy. 3h first lap. 4 hour 2nd lap. Total ride time 7h exactly . Value for money.
  2. Anyone with a Double Lapper entry? I decided last moment to enter but my starting time will put me on the second lap about 15 min too late. I could just put head down on the roads if they close them ...I will catch the back markers or do they close the gates at Steyn City? advice? Of course I will gladly donate extra to the charity involved... Who can be contacted?
  3. I stopped doing that race because of that crap......I am planning a double lap this year - exactly as I did the year the Argus was affected
  4. TALUS

    2019 Amashova

    I will rephrase and answer my own question. Are you implying that people with no known risk factors or red flags in their history see a cardiologist? I can assure you that the "yield" or preventative positives from this exercise will be EXTREMELY low. I am not even bringing up cost effectiveness. You will find many tales of people that have been cleared and died soon after. The preventative tone of your posts are good in that one should be prepared as best as you can but to think that any medical person will be able to guarantee your safe passage is sadly not true. The crux of my argument is that this race was not badly organized and nobody should fall into the trap of faultfinding elsewhere. The Two Oceans and the CTCT has deaths nearly every year. Are they also badly organized? End of my story.
  5. TALUS

    2019 Amashova

    Hoorah.... Common Sense...….How scarce
  6. TALUS

    2019 Amashova

    I sense you have medical background. Are you seriously suggesting that Joe average sees a cardiologist routinely before they enter endurance events???? Really? Do you understand the implications of your statement?
  7. TALUS

    2019 Amashova

    I have never understood why you need a WATER table before 30km (I am being very generous here). 15km/h for 2 hours on two bottles must be within your reach if you choose to actually start. Thereafter even at 10km/h you can go 20km in between. Food on a roadrace…? really? What do you actually carry in your back pockets? Even at 6 hours you can carry enough food to not really want to rob a Spur at the end. This is just part of the whole concept of passing on the responsibility for everything onto someone else. Train. Start early in the year. If you are not fit enough - do the short route or withdraw but don't always blame someone else. No …..You cant just enter and expect to have a easy ride or to finish. It is actually your problem. I have done many races. This was my first Shova (and my last- logistics is a bitch) but it was better organized than many other races/rides out there. Problem is that nobody knows Rule #5 anymore.
  8. Lizard Skin DSP 3.2mm tested and proven.
  9. This is definitely my new poison. Thx for the thread
  10. Laterjet-Bristrow is not a simple procedure neither is it done for simple cases.....DO NOT TRY TO PUSH THE BOUNDARIES!!
  11. I just realised that I have not bought anything from CWC since the other crowd took over. Everything from Evo now.....not a single thing to complain about in 2 years
  12. Dimension Data suddenly looks like good value for money
  13. Very true. Today has several descents. Just saying
  14. Today is it. I would love Nibs to do it one more time but I dont think anyone is going to let him go.
  15. I have just spent a lot of time putting a nice order of > 6k together. At checkout I cannot get to my account. Even did the whole password reset dance . Still no joy. Online shopping to save time-not .
  16. Talk about just fading into grey. Painful to live through.
  17. I did the Nove Colli the last 3 years. Nothing fancy about the green Zones- just a sign showing the beginning and the end of the zone. What makes it work is the enforcement of the rule. We struggle to ban dopers .....
  18. Great Memories!!!!. I watched it in Balze as they came through...In full Dimension Data kit....Not much use for that these days...
  19. I had to rush to registration today (roads in my area closed for the Prez party tommorow ) . Only checked my bag now.....No T-shirt or any form of instruction ….not even sure whether I should be wearing one of the arm bands...Is my bag incomplete or is this what everyone got?
  20. The right call but still sad. I have doubted this date change all along - the chances of extreme heat or rain is just too high this time of the year. May should be perfect (maybe a bit chilly at the start but HTFU)
  21. I bought from 3 online stores. How times have changed..... Nothing from Chain Reaction or Evans (delivery and customs crap) and nothing from Chris Willemse (I dont support Cyclelab). Hoping the other local guys will match their effeciency though.
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