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  1. Well written and similar to my experience .For a fit regular rider an e bike is fun for an occasion ,but not for regular use
  2. Similar problem i had .Turned out that the brake hose had a crack and i was inflating the hose when pulling the lever .Replaced the hose and problem solved .You have to check the whole length of the hose for a bubble when braking hard
  3. Or drink tee with someone you openly attest and put photos on social media
  4. I was dead set on buying a 2021 Rocky Mountain element to replace my 2015 model .No stock of that particular model for 2021 and 2022 .On their website it states ,Sold out!
  5. I was dead set on buying a 2021 Rocky Mountain element to replace my 2015 model .No stock of that particular model for 2021 and 2022 .On their website it states ,Sold out!
  6. Because it is a Kona ,i have to agree and i also like steel frames .There you have it! .I have two kona,s and a steel hard tail .They are not the same bike ,but when i dream about bikes ,those are the ones i dream about
  7. Ditto! .Tried all the other crap out there .Above product worked
  8. This is similar to what i do .Coffee with something small to eat ,train 90min and have dinner .This has been my program for ten years .i am not good at training at 4am
  9. I was one of the first owners of the kickr one .According to ikambi i had a vintage model when i traded it in for a kickr 4 ,i think. The quieter model .Mine worked really hard and i had to replace the power cable unit and the sensor at some point a few years ago .The wattage reading froze when it became too hot .I trained outside but without a fan on the unit .I paid 30% less for the new model when i traded the old unfixable one in .The new model has a different feel to it ,especially when freewheeling or keeping momentum on rolling hills .The older model,s flywheel would carry momentum better like with real cycling .I now find i have to keep pedaling even on the descents .I will probably get used to it ,but i am happy to say that i used mine thoroughly and ikambi,s service was always good .Only time will tell if the new model is as robust as the first one
  10. This little monster surprised me recently.First time i rode this road and i suspected i was at the wrong place at the wrong time when everybody coming down had something to say while cautiously controlling their cars down the steep gravel road.I used my garmin fenix 6x and edge 830 .Both measured the average as 13.1% .At 1.4km long it was a serious effort.Worst was that it was a really hot 11h00 am morning in Wilderness .According to both GPS units the steepest section topped at 19.6 % .Needles to say i stopped a few times and walked a section where i could not keep my front wheel down
  11. Coffee and rusk before setting off. Bottles filled with Game .Banana and date cookie in my pocket .Super M or Steri stumpie if i bonk .Best recovery drink are two Steri Stumpies
  12. When the mechanic calls and tells you he cannot get it seated again .The rubber has Perished and is delaminating or the damage to the tire beading is not repairable.Be warned that rubber will perish and even the best brands will delaminate if the tires are,t used regularly.As for wear ,it is obvious when the tire becomes smooth !
  13. Buffelsdrift .Buffel route is on a gradient and has good drainage .Nguni might be muddy
  14. I always have my phone with me and use snapscan or zapper often .Tried the Garmin ,but could not get it working .Will try with Investec card again
  15. I suffer from cramping since my teenage years .Always worst on hot days ,higher intensity like road races and comes on like clockwork at just before three hours riding .If my whole body cramps it is a lack of Sodium mainly .Only legs is either lack of intensity training or Magnesium , Sodium and potassium .Salt capsules help for stage races .Acute cramping responds to various anti cramping ,magnesium containing stuff if you take a lot at a time like six USN crampblock tabs at a time .You might be dehydrated or have low electrolytes ,but cramping after 5 km is very strange
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