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Chain problem

Paul Hunter

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Hi All


Please could somebody explain to me why my chain seems to come off the big chain ring especially over rocky sections. This has become a pain now. Do I just need to adjust my FD?


Thanks in advance


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I've even had a quick link disconnect on a rough downhill before but that happens once in 500 000km I guess ;-)


It's all about front der adjustment. What's great about SRAM gripshift is that you can fine tune the front der position and what I like to do on rough downhills where I won't pedal is tune the der one click down should be nearly rubbing the chain and the chain won't rattle off of the big ring.


Also change to #3 or #4 at the back to further increase the chain tension...


Or just get a clutch rear mech.


Also check how big the gap is between the front der cage and big chainring... cage should be 2-3mm higher than big ring.

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