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Comparing the Garmin 500 to Garmin 510


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Hi gents

My wife uses the garmin edge 800 and it great but a bit on the big side

apparently it excellent with maps ect

Im looking at something smaller

is there much of a difference between the 500 and the 510

I see easy bike has Garmin edge 500 red premuim bundle on a special, would you guys say this is a good enough deal?

I need total climbing and decending

Max speed, avg speed and temp and HR

Maps are not that important,

Any of you have this 500?

Whats it like?


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I have a Edge 500 red bundle with premium HR Strap.No Complaints as yet.


I use the Cadence/Speed Sensor on my trainer and use GPS for speed and distance on my MTB.

I prefer the smaller size of the 500 over th 510

I have :

Total Distance,Total Time,Avg Pace, Avg Speed, Max Speed, Total Calories, Total Fat Calories?,Avg HR,Max HR,Avg Cadence,MAx Cadence,Total Ascent,Total Decent,Temp etc etc and a host of other tools etc.

you can break up your workout/ride into distance or time based laps.

and you can upload directly to Strava,fittrack,discovery etc etc.


Then theres Courses, Activities,Workouts, HR Zones,Speed Zones, Power Zones .......


I dont think I have used 45% of its Features Yet....

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I'm using the Edge 500. Does everything I want and more. The 510 & 810 are nice but I can't justify the extra $$ for what seem to be non-essential extras IMO. Drop me a PM if you want and I will share one of my workouts from Garmin Connect so so can see what data it captured etc.

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