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Seat repair


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Uchtung buerschen und maedel!


I have this very cool seat (has nice graphics and stuffs) that I want to use on my SS rigid but unfortunately it is cracked, any ideas of how to repair it? Keeping in mind it's on a bike that gets ridden once a week if that ....



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Look up plastic welding - then go find someone who can do it - bumper repair places should be able to sort that out for you.

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Buy a new seat, you cheap bastard. :whistling:


Since you're so flush I'll be waiting for my parcel at the post office :devil:


A Ragley with the 'tree' design please!

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Can I get it at the local hardware?

Ja and will last for a few jobs.... fixed 1 or 2 of my cracked saddles with it... make a brace across the crack with a line of powder dont just fix the crackline....

Have repaired whole sections of bike fairings with it.. way stronger then epoxy,doesnt go discoloured,soft and brittle over time with weathering :thumbup:

Mica or builders prob best to find it or jacks paint and hardware.

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