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  1. I did a shortened version of it. Not enough time in one weekend for someone of my speed.
  2. A short trip to the E Cape high country over the weekend.
  3. I've done this 'nutter' route twice and am going back again this weekend. The area is simply stunning, but the climbing does make it tough. There is a surprising amount of accomodation at convenient distances along the way and the hosts, being farming people are very special. Planning is definately pretty crucial for bikepacking in remote areas. Most probably better to not do alone in case of a fall, but certainly one of the safest areas to ride a bike in South Africa in terms of traffic and security, in my opinion.
  4. If anyone wants to do this area and the passes as a bikepacking ride, pop onto the massive adventures website and download the route from there. Their route is a circular one starting and ending in Lady Grey. Awesome place to ride (sometimes push) a bike.
  5. Did some bikepacking up into Limpopo Province recently. Beautiful, but extremely hot.
  6. Agree. I find the lube it comes with sticky.
  7. Dusty


    In my opinion we have 2 world class T20 batsmen that are not in that side as well as an aging leggie who's pretty damn good. Not too many players in that side are world class. Politics rules. I do hope that they prove me wrong.
  8. This is poor response from Momsen. They clearly don't want to establish brand loyalty with a customer. Bad business practice. Hopefully the weld breaks before the balance of warranty is up.
  9. A pratleyed ferule sounds like it may well work.
  10. I had the same issue and did some research. New rails can be put on by Brooks UK, but with postage, covid etc I was disinclined to go that route and managed to pick up a 2nd hand one.
  11. We use the Naturhike Cloudup 2 tent. Less than 1.5kg and it's properly tested in blizzards and heay rain, viz the race Thug is doing. For the price, I don't believe that you can get better.
  12. @sucramukThey are first class bags. Good materials and the sevice is quick and efficient. They have made custom frame bags for us and no issues at all.
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