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  1. @Sepia I did the Massive Eastern Cape Passes bikepacking route recently with a mate who did it on an ebike. I have attached his write up as there is some good stuff to be gleaned on bikepacking with an ebike. He does give the details of his ebike, but more importantly it does show that ebikes can work really well for bikeacking/touring. Ebike Massive Eastern Cape Passes.docx
  2. @copperheadWhere are you staying in the Tankwa?
  3. Cycled up Bastervoetpad Pass in the E Cape recently. Proper climb/push, but the views are worth it.
  4. If you don't come right I can recommend these guys. We've had some custom made. Top quality and well priced. https://thermowear.co.za/#about They're not in Gauteng, KZN I think, but the courier was not an issue.
  5. An overnight bikepacking trip in the NW province this weekend. Got a tad hot on Saturday.
  6. New addition to the family, Mae, is keeping everyone on their toes.
  7. The Titan looks the best specced amongst the 3. Sid fork is awesome.
  8. We had a bag made by https://thermowear.co.za/#about Brilliant service and good quality bag.
  9. My experience is that any fox fork is pretty good. Rock shock do make some very entry level forks at a lower level than any fox make. If you can find out what the specific forks are it would be helpful.
  10. Silk Road Mountain Race has similar concept. Every rider is allocated a dot watcher who literally can be anywhere in the world. They watch your dot from a safety perspective. I'm still in contact with my 'watcher'. Great idea.
  11. We've got the same tent and have used it in snow, torrential rain and high altitudes and we survived. Brilliant for the price and easily available in SA
  12. I had the same cassette in Kyrgyzstan when we went and I used a 34 Oval up front as I was confident that I could ride most routes with that. Big mistake. Factor in altitude and not so much. The 30 is a great idea and if you could get a 50 on the back it would be even better.
  13. Hello Brandon If you go to the cycletouring website they have a wide range of bags and they have measurements in the descriptions. That's the route I went. My wife's bike wouldn't fit any of their bags , so for her we had to have a frame bag custom made.
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