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Quick and Dirty eating plan and race plan

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What is your quick and dirty eating plan the week leading up to a big event.

And what is your race day eating plan and race nutrition plan during the race.


I have the Nissan trailseekr 70km, then the MTB 94.7 and then the road 94.7 comming up and want to make sure my intake, especialy leading up to race and during the race is right

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I don't eat anything different. 3 days or so before a big race I increase my fluid intake usually just plain old water and some form of energy/carbo drink.


My race day nutrition usually consist of a bigger than normal b/fast and;

1. water

2. energy carbo/drink (100ml p/h)

3. energy chews (32GI, energade)

4. peanuts

5. energy gels if its a long race


I suggest you stick to what your body is used to at the moment (i.e. whatever you did/used during training), sometimes your body can't adjust to any sudden changes and your carbo loading may do more than harm.

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A bit more likely to use a recovery drink after training g sessions in the week leading up to a race. Make sure I don't miss a meal in the few days before the race.


That's it pretty much

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Eat the same as I normally eat leading up to and before race.


Race nutrition

Nissan - 1 x GU and 1 x bottle

94.7 - 2 x GU and 2 x bottles


Missing the 94.7 MTB race.

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