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2014 Gravity/DH bikes


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Agang Ninja DH Team


.. :eek: :eek: :eek: I didnt know that Mamphela Ramphele was into Bikes and was actually starting a bike company and making bikes !!! SWEET - Agang has my vote in the next elections then!!



:clap: :clap:

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I might just be going blind from all the hi-viz yellow rigs but the Kona doesn't look to bad..better than the Glory at any rate :ph34r:

Dat canyon :drool:


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Some of my favourites:














This is the Cruz build that makes me drool:)



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The guy who designed this bike rode with us at the Masters World Champs this year.

Sweet looking bike and interesting suspension platform.



Just before qualies he mentioned to Nige that pedalling DX's backwards sometimes causes them to loosen (Nige was busy back pedalling to warm up). After the comment Nige checks his pedal and to his dismay the pedal had worked itself lose! :lol:

Then the racing around for a spanner started...

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