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  1. Wolwespruit in Pretoria is ideal for enduro. They recently opened a super cool new flow line, fast and doable on any kind of bike, XC or enduro. It's a steep climb back up to the top, but worth it.
  2. I did the Two The Core - Rover Ride weekend before last, and haven't been riding at the reserve in a while. It really has gone downhill (pardon pun). Large parts of the trails were very overgrown. So sad that this reserve is seemingly going to end up in Property Developer hell....
  3. This makes me sick. A miscarriage of justice indeed. I think some consolation for the families would be to sue the SAPS and Justice Minister for the incompetence and bungling of the case. Really, a sad day for justice....
  4. Glad they caught the a-holes. Strongs to the victim. Since the stabbings/shootings/bike jackings started around Plastic View a couple of years ago, I've never ridden out Garsfontein rd again - used to be a nice route out east. Rule is - keep away - it's a no-go-zone.
  5. This is the next level - not an e-bike, neither a motorcrosser... but also both. Twist the throttle and you can pedal-assist 80km/h up that hill hey.... https://electrek.co/2019/09/06/ubco-frx1-electric-trail-bike-50-mph/ "The UBCO FRX1 is an electric two-wheeler with functional pedals and a pedal assist system. Technically speaking, that makes it an electric bicycle. But only technically." Right.... Wonder what trail managers will say about a 50kg e-bike tearing up their trails.
  6. You can also check out Wolwespruit, near Kloof hospital - great technical trails and nice elevation. Also TAF (Tierpoort Adventure Farm) out east - beautiful trails.
  7. Wanted to do it so much this year, but it fell on the same weekend as the Trailseeker Cullinan... too much for the budget and fitness to accomplish in one weekend! Hope next year the events are a bit apart...
  8. Anyone kept up with SyFy's 12 Monkeys? Brilliant show, if you like SF and particularly time-travel stories. Just finished with se04 and the ending was particularly satisfying - the Circle is complete! The show really started getting good halfway through se01 right up until the end of se04. se03 and se04 are outstanding. Great character development, story writing and respect for the original film makes it one of the best SF shows imho. It took the 12 Monkeys premise way beyond the scope of the film, in a fully fleshed-out mythology and added many more complex layers, with a great existentialist undercurrent. The cast are all excellent, and the addition of James Callis and Christopher Lloyd in some episodes, just adds to the quality of this show. It gets 7.7/10 on IMDB. Check out 12 Monkeys - you won't be disappointed!
  9. I see ebikes will be allowed to race on the 40km distance at this year's Norco WTF MTB Challenge 2018 in November. I'll be entering the 40km - they'd better not be shouting "track" at me from an ebike...
  10. Ad in the Makro product advertisement included in the Rekord this week.
  11. Here you go.... profiles and more info on the route revealed - it will be the equivalent of riding up Table Mountain twice a day. Going to be proper! https://www.businessinsider.co.za/new-2019-cape-epic-route-promises-spectacular-mountain-biking-2018-9 After discontent about many gravel roads and lack of real trails, the Cape Epic organisers have struck back with a phenomenal 2019 race route.It takes in some of the very best South African mountain biking available, routing from the Hemel and Aarde valley through to Elgin and then Stellenbosch.The 2019 Epic will combine classic South African mountain bike trails and some secretive new builds.
  12. Did a Trail Adventure trailrun there last month. The trails were freshly cut and open, don't know what the state is now.
  13. I must say, reading all the comments here - I didn't have a negative experience. At registration day, I queried my missing results on saseeding, and they improved my batch, no hassles. I really enjoyed the day out on the 40km. Had my board scanned prior to the start and the system picked it up. Big up to Advendurance for the well-stocked water points - even some mini-pancakes! I was a bit concerned at the muddle/confusion at the finish, but I received my results per sms from Jumpertrax a few hours after the event. The route was well marked with marshals with whistles at key points to make sure everyone stayed on track - good job. Exiting the venue wasn't a problem for me - there was a queue, but it moved at a decent pace and the cops at the main road did a good job, I think. The big issues I think are with SA Seeding - they need to sort that mess out asap. I'm definitely in for the next one.
  14. Better suited to proper trail running than mtb. Check the discussion here: https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/159929-hedianga/?hl=hedianga
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