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Nike+ Kinect Training

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I've had the demo for a year and decided to buy the application last week when I saw it on special for R100 at Incredible Connection.


Last night I decided to give it a spin to set it up. Did my first workout this morning.


Damn I'm unfit, seriously unfit.


But its a great alternative to those like me that do not like the gym and don't get much time to cycle anymore.


Anybody else currently using this for training? I'm first doing the fat burning (got a whole lot of that to burn right now).

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Not quite the same thing.....but close :whistling:


Wifes got the Nike running GPS / pod watch thing which she uses to track her running.

The software was a bit dicey when she first started using it...a few years ago but they have improved it somewhat.

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All I can say is after my 1st work out yesterday morning my body is hurting .... damn I did not realise how unfit I let myself go. Need to get back into the saddle big time

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