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Rand Water south of Joburg

Henley 1

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This is my favourite flat tar road when I ride alone. From the entrance to Rand Water Board pump station (just past the cemetery) to the end of the cul-de-sac that stops against the R59 is about 5.5 km. Do that up and down and you have done 11 km – time 3 is a quality 33 km time trial in about an hour! OK I know this can be boring, but it is relatively safe and flat for focussed TT rides.

Unfortunately some locals have lately discovered that this is a shortcut to the Eikenhof tar road, which increases the traffic somewhat (other than Rand Water staff vehicles). I have tried my utmost to get the Rand Water to add one more speed bump on the long stretch and erect some signs “Caution the Cyclists!” – but in vain. Those government officials pass this unimportant buck from A to Z and nothing has happened. Just wondering if it is still safe to drink their water – that’s how useless this organisation is with communication.

Anybody who knows an individual employee of Rand Water by name who I can talk to in order get the name of someone who cares a little?

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I think Shaun put some signs up some time ago.


Why don't you speak to the lady from Race for Victory ? They use this road as the start finish and she probably knows the right people. Alternatively speak to Gary Beneke as it's his race.


That being said I doubt that you'll achieve what you want buf its worth a try.

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So how many cyclist ride this road, up and down?

There's a few Tjoks, but also regular mtb traffic coming across that road to and from rietvlei and the r59 blockhouse. Still wouldnt advise for single female, but cool in pairs and more. You feel like a champ goin down and a putz comin back slight incline and prevailing breeze against.


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My friend was a water scientist who was working on the blue drop report. He refused to sign the report as it was false and misleading. He was promptly fired and went overseas to work for Siemens water Usa as leading new products engineering department.


He told me you must filter your water in South Africa, its complelty toxi and cancer casing chemicals. Even if you use a small three stage tap filter of a Vitality jug it save your life on the long run, and a must for kids.


Why in the world should the water be good, just because its clear he noted. No. He further added that the schools , roads, police and most munciple services are debunked not working and so on so - why would you expect the water to be great! He also gve me tons of info that our water is caput. Filter your water but noted not with RO for a strong of health reasons.

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