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Maritime Climb Simons Town


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So this morning i cycled up this climb and i was told by a group of social runners that bicycles werent allowed on this "road".


I cycle this climb regularly and frequently see Navy personnel who dont bother me at all so this is the first time i heard of this.


Does this count as a public road or is it Navy territory?

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If I'm not mistaken isn't there a barrier blocking access to that road?

Just out of interest where did you encounter the runners, on that climb or before entering there?

I know it's open for the Cape Cobra road race....when it happens. There hasn't been a race for the past 2 years.

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I think it's a service road for the Navy.

Or at least used to be at least.


I'd bet its Govt property.

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Never had an issue or complaint from anyone when riding up there.


As a matter of interest, I noticed the other day that the Dido Valley Road climb next door is a couple hundred meters longer than Suikerbossie and about the same average gradient at 7%

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I've ridden up the maritime climb a few times in the past and never noticed the boom that other cyclists have told me about.


One thing though - I have been warned by some fellow cyclists that it's not a great idea to ride up there alone due to possible "affirmative shopping". It seems a bit odd for this activity to occur on military property, but then I guess the military have a history of "affirmative shopping", albeit under more formal conditions. I dunno...

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