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  1. Hahahaha that was really very funny but so true.
  2. 18 days still to go, more than enough time to sharpen that blade 😉
  3. milky4130

    Attakwas 2021

    They don't call her the Queen of Social Media for nothing 🤪 btw nice meeting you BSG, the way you were watching that gate who comes & goes I just knew it had to be you 🤣
  4. From the SM posts I’ve seen Breakaway invested in the MTB Hopper which is what the op didn’t want to do and now finds himself in this pickle 🥴
  5. Hey Guys, In case you've missed it then event back on for the 18th September, start training your climb and descending.
  6. milky4130

    Attakwas 2021

    If You've done 36One on a HT then you'll be just fine at Attakwas on a HT too. That last 40kms climbing you'll be happy with the HT decision.
  7. Doesn't matter who Man City get in the final it should be a comfortable win for them
  8. Definitely marked correctly, I'm one of those that took a wrong turn, I'll put it down to a lapse of concentration.
  9. Yeah that should've been fine but as others mentioned already known bug. I've personally tried the deleting of all the previous old photos which did the trick for only a short while before it started happening again. Tried clearing it again and still got the black screenshots.
  10. what is a good spec laptop? how much memory do you have & processor? maybe change the settings to focus all the memory on the game & see if that does the trick for you.
  11. what device are you using? I used to occasionally get this as well while using my low spec windows laptop. I’ve since started using my Apple TV and no longer get the “black photos”.
  12. its technical in some sections, as a newbie I wouldn’t take it on but if you say you’ve ridden all of Tokai except the DH lines then you should be fine assuming you did all the snake trails from the top all the way to the bottom, cobra, mamba, etc?? Have you done Donkey Trail down, if yes to the above then you should be fine.
  13. Tim to my knowledge these are private ambulances at I think +- R5000 a pop, so has nothing to do with COVID-19, perhaps the share of the profits to cover more ambulances is the answer or higher entry fees? As for riding on the other side of the white line, either get dropped or start a new echelon, that is racing tactics to put you in the gutter.
  14. I got the notice when I logged into the Absa Mobile App, I havent gone through setting it up yet but just wonder how safe it is or will you require finger print with every payment?
  15. These days you dont have to carry or swipe both cards, at least for me, I just swipe the SS card but still get my MM rewards in cash to my MM wallet. If you SS card is linked to the Bottles App then you should still get the extra points/rewards. Easy to check just check on the wallet app and it will give the history of your shopping, try identify the purchase through the bottles app. I hope this is what you were looking for.
  16. a bit late but >30 push ups in a minute should do the trick.
  17. Nice Save there I can only imagine what would've happened if you said the D word
  18. I’ve seen at the turn around point of the Missing Link, some guys just went down the embankment there to the tar road, brings you pretty close to the Top of Suikerbossie.
  19. The second issue is still there, I just attempted to plot a route last week and it refused to take me down the trail I wanted on more than one occasion. Not a big deal this time around for me as we will be riding tails we are very familiar with, it was merely to get an idea of time & distance.
  20. Johan imagine your wife stumbles upon this thread I reckon you'll be in the dog box for a night or two, LOL!
  21. Unfortunately their website seems to be "down" best bet is search old K2C threads here & hope someone posted the program there.
  22. I'm freaking jealous, have a good one mate
  23. Think I took the last couple 2kgs tubs left from him but he may still have a few 680gram tubs left. He will no longer be selling them in RSA might be able to get the last of the stock at Dischem after that is gone then it will No longer be available in South Africa
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