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Sizing onto a 29'r


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Ok ...so MOST of you guys have been on 29'rs for a couple of years now...I'm in the process of getting a new bike.So Here's the thing .I have noticed well it looks like some guys switched up and dropped a frame size.Having heard lots of folks regretted this.So from you guys that are actually done a switch and currently riding 29'rs. Give me the bike 26'r make and frame size...what you moved onto 29"R make and frame size and if you are still happy with the choice...PLEASE include the make's of bike as frame sizeing and geometry differ . Thanks H


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I had a 26er anthem 18. then bought a DS Anthem 29er medium (18). Sold it and got an HT XTC 29er Large (20) The XTC is a MUCH better fit.... i have a more "racy" fit and my lower back pain is gone. not sure if the HT has anything to do with it but i feel MUCH more comfy and have allot more control over the Medium Anthem.


me 2c worth :)

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