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(Cancelled) 2018 Christmas Toy Cycle, Cape Hubbers


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Damn. So sorry, would've loved to be there. Will send a replacement/stand-in - am in McGregor doing the Epic Challenge

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So been chatting to the manager - educational toys and some fluffy's for 0 - 5 yr olds.


But she also asked for nappies if we can as these tend to be consumables.


Hairy..... you said you would be there ....

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Hey All


Bad news in a good way I am afraid.


As this is a charity ride, we really need the weather to play along. It is going to play along by keeping our dams full(er) but not for short little meet and greet charity rides.


Basically it is going to be raining. Both YR and Windguru have rain for Saturday and even if it looks like rain AND it is going to be cold, most riders wont come to a short charity ride. Small charity rides with rain and cold dont mix, so before you all go out and spend money on gifts, the ride is cancelled.


A bit of a bummer, but it means next year will be better.

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It is a shame, but a practical decision.


Response has been poor in a any case, might have been just me and Slowbee there....  :whistling:  :ph34r:

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