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  1. Yah but such a comfy fit.
  2. They never go out of fashion.My Spez white shoes deperately need a cleen
  3. Thats just one..if you look there are lots...round ones,thin ones,fat ones,tall ones.....
  4. Then buy them without branding for R12 each which seems a lot easier to me https://www.takealot.com/sasol-750ml-grip-water-bottle-black/PLID53023659?gclid=CjwKCAjww-CGBhALEiwAQzWxOlrKqNNAgI9J1J1eB8_ooOCblFh1M2lkInDIAiPqDH6g5rT4WSv3_BoCAmwQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  5. Good news is he is starting today's stage
  6. He's up there picking up points
  7. Not really Warm liquids are absorbed easier into the body
  8. I had a green Pug like that(without the rally trim) Called it The Cockroach
  9. I have black PowerBar bottles which are quite expensive but great and the valve does not leak even after a couple of years.There is branding but it does not bother me.Found them at Dischem
  10. The approval of new posts was mooted as an option and I for one said it was impractical as it requires too much time. So now we have it.
  11. Ditto I'll do that later today
  12. Remember temperature is measured in the shade not in the sun so you can deduct a good number of degrees
  13. No but if you put it in your frame it will help
  14. Sometimes people do the strangest things when a) they panic or b)their mind justifies the action. An example of b) is the guy who after climbing Mt Kenya I think it was and reaching the summit took the tin which was kept on the summit in which you recorded your achievement I believe this one was panic Sounds like exactly the opposite kind of person you want as a leader
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